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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
09:00 to 11:00
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CORRECTION: please note that my EMAIL is actually "deirdre@wprb.com" and NOT what is listed above.
PICKY PICNIC influenza picnic land panic
MONICA RYPMA interlude aqua & uitro moonshine & the blaze self-released
PINO D'ANGIO un concerto da strapazzo (scusate sono impazzito) (excerpt) ...balla! rifi
DALLY PROTON pretender 69 plunderphonics 96 seeland, fony
POISON GIRLS piano lessons (excerpt) split w/ 'fatal' microbes small wonder records, xntrix
PUSH-BUTTON PLEASURE vegetable tempura the last dissonance hamster records and tapes
PIOTR KUREK heat heat cronica
PTOSE PRODUCTION fractions ribosomales moxisylyte n. ptose production presente
SABOTEN knee guitar floor et satie em records
{~ ~ ~} PUMP precise copy of the event sombrero fallout plague recordings
PIER LUIGI ANDREONI & FRANCESCO PALADINO my peruvian club aeolyca soave
PICKY PICNIC my toast time ha! ha! tarachine ata tak
PIERRE BASTIEN eh! gueuse: herse hisse de ceste isle ! eggs air sister steel in-poly-sons
WAAK WAAK JUNGI kava song crow fire music ?
SUNSTROKE boat people nothing's wrong in paradise copperhead records
MOON ON THE WATER in the land of the boo - bam moon on the water buscemi record
PIERRE ARVAY clouded crystals illustrations no. 4 music de wolfe
{~ ~ ~} PATRICK GIBSON swimming two separate / is the truck on fire? m squared
{~ ~ ~} PHILIPPE LAURENT agapao phoenix peripheral minimal
POND zeitmaschine planetenwind amiga
A SUDDEN SWAY jane's third party jane's third party chant records
PATRICK PORTELLA ali baba et tous les vouleurs les flots bleus (w/ joseph racaille) recommended records
PORTION CONTROL toffee toffee gaining momentum in phaze records
QUIET SUN bargain classics mainstream island records
PIERPAOLO BIBBO suoni, echi, voci diapason la strega records
POLYPHONIC SIZE on the way to medora & saison p.s. sandwich records
PYROLATOR im zoo pyrolator's wunderland ata tak
SHOHJO-TAI & RED BUS ST. PROJECT ku-ro-o-bi magic escape broadway
PAS DE DEUX take a cigarette (short version) cardiocleptomanie minimal wave
THE PICKLE FACTORY the drinker our anthems lessons about history
ALGEBRA SUICIDE tractor pull big skin cause and effect
{~ ~ ~} QUIET FORCE welcome to my film flow innovative communication
[end credits] PEL MEL theme from splash pandemonium gap records

[from the clouds] PATRICK MARCEL ostinato ostinato self-released
[from the clouds] PABLO'S EYE austin, texas you love chinese food extreme
[from the trees] ELEPHANT CHATEAU wir fangen mit arbeit an offshore drilling boy (because of you)
[...and the rest are from my pocket. here are some brazilian tunes] ANDREA DALTRO odara kiua estudio de invencoes
PAULO BAGUNCA E A TROPA MALDITA apelo paulo bagunca e a tropa maldita continental
INVISIBLE OPERA COMPANY OF TIBET (TROPICAL VERSION BRAZIL) orb's adventures glissando spirit low life records
ABDOU EL OMARI nakhil nuits de printemps radio martiko
RUPA BISWAS east meets west disco jazz ovular
{~ ~ ~} PULSALLAMA ungawa pt. 2 (way out guiana) the devil lives in my husband's body y america
BUSH TETRAS out/again take the fall wharf cat *
AMON DUUL II henriette krotenschwanz phallus dei liberty
BERBEL NOBODIUS miss my leg when skanking wanton but windblown hamster records and tapes
ATMOSFEAR duende en trance mca records, elite
JAZZ INSECTS elephants elephants / ghost train rococo records
PATRICK D. MARTIN i like 'lectric motors patrick d. martin i.r.s. records
FABIO "FABOR" BORGAZZI gioiello aquarium sonor music editions
THOMAS LEER contradictions letter from america cherry red, cachalot records
AMOS & SARA untitled loop amos & sara... invite to 'endless latino' it's war boys
SOCIAL CLIMBERS chris & debbie social climbers hoboken records
ABSENT MUSIC my lesbian girlfriends 11000 dreams strooom
{~ ~ ~} THE ADVISORY CIRCLE osprey / get in the swim mind how you go ghost box
MIRKA KRIVANKOVA, JIRI STIVIN & CO. mihave doteky zrcadleni supraphon
AFTER THE FLOOD just as well after the flood 2 ae
ARTO LINDSAY whirlwind noon chill bar/none records
ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY isla (the sapphic sleep) the holy mountain - the original soundtrack finders keepers
A-MUSIK el puebro unido jamas sera vencido e ku iroju zeitgenossische musik disk
THE PHANTOM BAND positive day nowhere spoon records
ARAGON li che [limousine] aragon invitation
AKSAK MABOUL vapona, not glue onze danses pour combattre la migraine crammed discs
APOLOK kupleraj [brothel] kondasdiszko bahia music
CHRISTINE SCHALLER mosquito horny weather mega wave orchestra
ALTON ELLIS these eyes sunday coming coxsone records
APOGEE & PERIGEE mei and the dust bunnies choujikuu korodasutan ryokouki yen records
JOE HISAISHI mei and the dust bunnies my neighbor totoro soundtrack collection animage
AKIRA ITO w - a - t - e - r marine flowers (science fantasy) green & water
ROGER MELT l'amou dans bois pleine lune g.k. records
ANN-KA storia note colore ca
PIERO MILESI the waterfall the nuclear observatory of mr. nanof cuneiform records
CLAUDINE CHIRAC pour mes amis nautilus bambi productions
{~ ~ ~} ANDREOLINA music in a small room an island in the moon aguirre records, auf dem nil
[doppelganger end credits] PICKY PICNIC thank you remember picnic land panic