with Don Rettman

end of all radio

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
22:00 to 01:00
welcome to summer illness

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comp
Forbidden Infinite Twisted Into Form Century Media
Corrosion of Conformity Citizen Eye For an Eye Caroline
Anti Cimex Scandinavian Jawbreaker Part 1 Scandinavian Jawbreaker Distortion
Tsjuder Throne of the Goat Throne of the Goat Seasons of Mist
Dust All In All Hard Attack Kama Sutra
Rainbow Eyes Of the World Down To Earth Polydor
Expulser Cirrhosis (Let's Get Drunk) The Unholy One Greyhaze
Adrenalin O.D. Love Song Wacky Bonus Chunksaah
Crude SS Forced Values The System You Hate.....Is The System You Support Lost & Found
Hades Archer Chaos Teratosis Chimeras Temple of the Impure Hells Headbangers
Horna Nostalgiaa Pimeyden hehku Moribund
Motorhead Claw Orgasmatron Sanctuary
Necrophobic Odium Caecum Mark of the Necrogram Century Media
Dokken Mr. Scary Back For the Attack Elektra
In Solitude Serpents Are Rising The World The Flesh The Devil Metal Blade
Genocide Pact Blood Rejection Order of Torment Relapse
GBH Knife's Edge Punk Singles 1981-84 Clay
Angel of Mercy The Succubus The Avatar Shadow Kingdom
Venom Poison Welcome to Hell Neat
Deathhammer Total Metal Evil Power Hells Headbangers
Nebula Watcha Lookin' For To the Center Heavy Psyche
Kiss Rock Bottom Dressed to Kill Casablanca
King Diamond The Family Ghost Abigail Roadrunner
Wayfarer Animal Crown World's Blood Profound Lore
Blue Oyster Cult Dominance and Submission Secret Treaties Columbia
Tomb Mold Blood Mirror Manor of Infinite Forms 20 Buck Spin
Void War Hero Faith / Void Dischord
Conqueror Bloodhammer War Cult Supremacy Full Moon
Black Rose Breakaway Neat Singles Collection Volume Three Sanctuary C
Armour Sex Demon Armour Hells Headbangers
Manowar Death Tone Battle Hymns Metal Blade
Slough Feg Vargr Theme / Confrontation (Genetic Prophesy) Traveller Metal Blade
Vio-Lence Bodies On Bodies Eternal Nightmare Megaforce
Mob 47 Deathrow Dom Ljuger Igen Communichaos Media
Vomitor Tremolation Pestilent Death Hells Headbangers
Voivod Pre-Ignition Nothingface MCA
Integrity String Up My Teeth Howling, For the Nightmare Shall Consume Relapse
Ratt Lay It Down Invasion of Your Privacy Atlantic
Montrose Bad Motor Scooter Montrose Warner Bros.
Pentagram Little Games Heavy Nuggets Vol.3 Mojo C
Testament Seven Days of May Souls of Black Megaforce