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Michael NymanL'EscargotA Zed and Two NoughtsCaroline Records1985
Benjamin ClementineNemesisAt Least for NowBehind2018
BjorkMoth MantraVulnicuraOne Little Indian2015
Grizzly BearAquarianPainted RuinsRCA2017
Midori Takada & Masahiko SatohAncient PalaceLunar CruiseWRWTFWW2017; reissue from 1980. Midori Takada is a Japanese composer and percussionist, known to combine East Asian music with jazz. MS is a a Japanese jazz pianist, composer and arranger.*
Chemicals Made from DirtCommunist Calendar GirlsIkeHyped2Death
Michael BoddickerThe Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension Main ThemeThe Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension1984
Rick WakemanI'm So Straight, I'm a WeirdoI'm So Straight, I'm a WeirdoA&M1980
SnakefingerSave Me From DaliGreener PosturesRalph Records1980
Yma SumacCha Cha GitanoMambo!Capitol1954
ChanceSamba do MorroNao WaveMan Recordings2005C
Betty DavisThe Lone RangerNasty GalIsland Records1975; 3rd studio album; New Documentary coming out soon!
MC TrachiotomyValentineFrom Tahiti with LoveBulb2002
WeenThe Mollusk The Mollusk Elektra1997; 6th studio album. From New Hope
The MathematiciansMalfunctionLevel TwoMake Your Fate Records 2007
Dan DeaconFeel the LightningGliss RifferDomino2015; Baltimore. Video directed by Philly's own Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Land of the LoopsMulti-Family Garage Sale [Bargain-Bin Mix]Bundle of JoyUp Records1996; AKA: Alan Sutherland; samples "The Brave Little Toaster"!
Bill NelsonDo You Dream In Color?Do You Dream In Color?Cocteau Records 1980
Todd RundgrenHealerHealingBearsville1981; 9th studio album. From Upper Darby & Philly
Tame ImpalaExpectationInnerspeakerModular Records2010; Debut R
LyresHow Do You Know? Lyres Lyres Ace Of Hearts Records1986
SuperchunkBreak The GlassWhat A Time To Be AliveMerge2018*
DEVOGates of Steel Freedom Of ChoiceWarner1980; 3rd studio album
World/Inferno Friendship SocietyJerusalem BoysRed-Eyed SoulChunksaah Records2006
Oxford CollapseLoser CityRemember The Night PartiesSub Pop2006
Home BlitzNighttime FeelOut of Phase Richie Records2009
PonytailBeg WavesIce Cream SpiritualWe Are Free2008; 2nd studio album; Baltimore! 4/5-piece
ChromelodeonPolygun SunThe Final Records2007; PHILLLLLLY!; some members are now in Cheap Dinosaurs
DJ Altitude SicknessOh YeahDirty Projections2009
King Kong Ding DongHot TrainYouth Culture Index2009; PHILLY
Erase ErrataMarathonOther AnimalsTroubleman Unlimited2001; Debut. San Fran
OxesBOSS KITTYOXXXESMonitor2002; Baltimore