sub scramble

with NICKY

Friday, June 1, 2018
18:30 to 20:30
big blasting
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Artist Song Album Comments New Comp
White Lung Down it Goes Deep Fantasy
Sparkmaker spores in ferns Big Pants Waste Prescious Fabric C
Screaming Females Criminal Image Rose Mountain
Life Stinks You'll Never Make It You'll Never Make It
Primal Rite Interference Dirge of Escapism
Karp Obstacle Corpse split with Rye Coalition
Murder City Devils Dance Hall Music Drinking from Puddles C
Bitchkraft Some People Have All the Luck 800 *
Magnetic Fields Living in an Abandoned Firehouse With You The Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees
The White Birch The Fall The Weight of Spring
Bat Fangs Wolfbite s/t *
Hurry On the Streets Every Little Thought *
Toe Because I Hear You Hear You
Pirouette Breezeway Girlfriend Sometimes Sad Isn't Funny
Choking Victim Money No Gods No Managers
Marriage + Cancer Command + Comply s/t *
Rhythm Pigs Censorshit Choke on This 1987 lol
Team Dresch D.A. don't care Personal Best
Angels of Light Kosinski Everything is Good Here / Please Come Home
Ralph White and Steve Marsh I Talk to the Wind Two Distinguished Gentlemen *
Hum Apollo Downward is Heavenward
Risk / Reward Lonely the Converted Mind As We Descend
13th Floor Elevators Slip Inside This House Easter Everywhere