don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
the b-52's deep sleep mesopotamia 1982
microdisney loftholdingswood in the world 1985
stereolab les yper-sound emperor tomato ketchup 1996
mirrors over kiev take me down 7" 1987
theoretical girls lovin in the red theoretical record 2002 (orig late 70s)
UT evangelist in gut's house 1987
sonic youth making the nature scene confusion is sex 1983
cold dogs in the courtyard video is not art 7" 1982
kate fagan i don't want to be too cool 7" 1980
noh mercy lines noh mercy 2012 (orig. ~1979)
tomates electricos viajes interferencias vol. 1 2017 (orig. 1980s) *
karen meat overdwelled you're an ugly person 2018
the sediment club the payoff stucco thieves 2018
brr cold mothers at war can't stop it! II 2007 (orig. 80s?)
big hair over you east of croydon 1981
glenn branca the spectacular commodity the ascension 1981
tuxedomoon litebulb overkill no tears 1978
savage republic attempted coup: madagascar tragic figures 1982
saccharine trust effort to waste paganicons 1982
rema-rema rema-rema wheel in the roses 1980
mall walk out to lunch rose/out to lunch 2018
talking heads zimbra fear of music 1979
fela kuti eko ile afrodisiac 1972
konk baby dee yo! 1983
grace jones private life warm leatherette 1980
jose casimiro morti sta bidjacu space echo: the mystery behind the cosmic sound of cabo verde finally revealed 2016
the golden gate quartet go where i send thee completed recorded works in chronological order 1996/1937
brian eno 1/1 music for airports 1978
banyen rakkaen (track 2) lam phloen world class 2018 (orig. 70s) *
yuzo iwata gigolo daylight moon 2018
instant music my boy instant music 1981/2018
ag geige gluckliche reise yachtclub und buchten 1987
klaus weiss wide open space motion deutsche elektronische musik 3 1981/2017 *
camberwell now speculative fiction the ghost trade 1986
chorchazade aah, you are, as light as a feather crackle and corkette 1985