Backspace Century

with Max

Friday, May 18, 2018
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comp
rolling stones flight 505 aftermath
glenn branca drive symphony no 13 (hallucination city)
sonic youth i don't want to push it s/t
the nuns savage s/t
the flesh eaters see you in the boneyard a minute to pray, a second to die
rainbow red oxidizer when you walk in the room experiments in destiny C
dock boggs sugar baby vol 2
the kinks two sisters something else
the who i need you a quick one
walter poetics of space poetics of space / like the fly
baby grandmothers somebody keeps calling my name s/t
culpeper's orchard mountain music part 1 s/t
wussy one per customer what heaven is like
jake xerxes fussell have you ever seen peaches growing on a sweet potato vine? what in the natural world
gunn-truscinski duo seagull for chuck berry bay head
sonic youth stereo sanctity sister
glenn branca symphony no. 1 symphony no. 1 (tonal plexus)