Two States

with Maria T

if people hate springsteen, then the terrorists truly have won

Tuesday, July 5, 2005
16:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
dahlia seed standing 8 count please excuse all the blood spirit of orr
the teeth then he said send my regards to the sunshine self released
three 4 tens little dove change is on its way self released
atom & his package the palestinians are not the same thing as the rebel alliance, jackass atention blah blah blah hopeless
persons easter vest the lainmeyers are persons black bean & placenta
boys of now not ready for primetime 7" heliotrope
the van pelt the speeding train s/t ep art monk construction
ruin dionysian freedom has no bounds songs of reverie & ruin black hole records
the trolleyox town and country leap of folly groove disques
dr. dog oh no easy beat national parking * R
kings ransom here today gone tomorrow allentown anglophile distortions *
the clocks for my skunks the saint the sinner the virgin and the dynamo track star
the capitol years let them drink let them drink *
the spinto band late nice and nicely done bar/none *
matt pond pa this is montreal the green fury polyvinyl
los halos lo siento leaving va loveless
creeping weeds track 1 demo self released
caterpillar winters come december 7" simple machines working holiday series!
gringo motel pueblo return of el lobo self released *
greg weeks day for night blood is trouble ba da bing!
ashtabula archipelago river of many dead fish siltbreeze
b,c, camplight parapaleejo hide, run away one little indian *
scott bedford four you turned your back on me absolutely allentown positively 19th street * C
the chance 7 years of bad luck get outta philly tick tick tick * C
the wayward wind postcards from the wind wait for green manic pop thrill / schwa-disk *
american altitude handsome dead man s/t self released
lungs of a giant from breadbox to manger scene sleepy fiels self released
the trouble with sweeney l.t.w.t.m.s. fishtown briefcase burnt toast vinyl yes, its WINGS.
billy crosbys watch all your words if you want to be heard who creamated the morning? 7" sweet baboo / gugliano family picnic old comp with irving klaw trio, simon joyner, etc. C
all natural lemon & lime flavors repetitive monotonous straight blue line gern blandsten
trouble everyday connection days vs nights turnstile
hail social get out s/t self released
dead milkmen instant club hit death rides a pale cow restless C
butler the newest order a life of service roof rack from the owner of the 700 CLUB in philly. love it.
future tips cold bliss crook book self released
leftys deceiver wm. tell conversations on favored nations happy couples never last
the vexers somethng dirty s/t ace fu
bruce springsteen born to run born to run columbia
cordalene isnt the sun s/t self released
golden ball siren the luxury of pause honeymoon music *
bruce springsteen darkness on the edge of town darkness on the edge of town columbia