oops i inked again

with kid squid

just a squid and some squiddy tunes

Thursday, May 10, 2018
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album New
the knitters long chain on the modern sounds of the knitters
ralph white & steve marsh over the ledge two distinguished gentlemen *
langhorne slim i love to dance when the sun's gone down
langtry there is no such joy as upon the road thereto as upon the road thereto
red house painters 24 down colorful hill
mark lanegan shanty man's life i'll take care of you
sixteen horsepower i seen what i saw sackcloth n ashes
john prine when i get to heaven the tree of forgiveness
the kropotkins starkweather five points crawl
angkanang kunchai lam plearn kiew hak isan lam plearn
renata zeigner they are growing old ghost
sticks and stones contempt the strife and times
pinochet boys botellas contra el pavimento pinochet boys 7"
I.C.E. modern scum 4 songs ep
knights templar near eternity not like this
patty waters moon, don't come up tonight sings
lucinda williams knowing little honey
brandi carlisle josephine the story
karen dalton red rockin' chair green rocky road
dear nora you are 26 three states: rarities 1997 - 2007
stephen steinbrink i don't know how to deal with it i don't know how to deal with it
retirement party passion fruit tea passion fruit tea
modest mouse bankrupt on selling the lonesome crowded west
sibylle baier forget about colour green
john fahey the transcendental waterfall blind joe death vol. 1