with Bobby

Friday, May 4, 2018
17:00 to 21:00
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Artist Song Album
STORE #1 CLUE #1 store number one is more than just a vinyl shop // here, your broken doodads canbe restored to tip top
STORE #1 CLUE #2 if you like basic time signatures and music theory // this store's name oughta make you cheery
STORE #1 CLUE #3 this shop may have just opened in 2017 // but you may be more familiar with its Marvelous Music history
STORE #2 CLUE #1 this second store might cause one to Reminisce // or at least tony d might claim this
STORE #2 CLUE #2 we're not the only ones who would call this store well-known // they've been praised by none other than Rolling Stone
STORE #2 CLUE #3 to find store number two, you won't have to look far // for wprb, this one's right in our back yard
STORE #3 CLUE #1 they've been around since 1988 // their reputation isn't up for debate
STORE #3 CLUE #2 these creatures are skilled at luring men with their song // be careful buying records here, bring a lyre along
STORE #3 CLUE #3 you're in the seat of Bucks County // there's no doubt you'll bring home some bounty