New Music Hour

with Abbie from Mars

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE -- Favorites of 2017

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
17:00 to 18:00
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Artist Song Album Label
Laurel Halo Jelly Dust Hyperdub
Sneaks Look Like That It's A Myth Merge
Urochromes My Disposition Night Bully EP Wharf Cat
Art Feynman Feeling Good About Feeling Good Blast Off Through the Wicker Western Vinyl
Sacred Paws Nothing Strike a Match Rock Action
Aquaserge Tour du Monde Laisse Ca Etre Almost Musique
Michael Chapman Sometimes You Just Drive 50 Paradise of Bachelors
Mark Feehan Papillon M.F. II Richie
Awa Poulo Djulau Poulo Warali Awesome Tapes from Africa
Annie Anxiety Closet Love Soul Possession Dais
ADULT. (feat. Douglas J. McCarthy) We Are a Mirror Detroit House Guests Mute