Scrape the Mucus Off Your Brain!

with Sarah

Saturday, April 21, 2018
17:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album
Cymbeline motala strom cymbeline 1965-1971
Wampire Magic Light Curiosity
LVL Up Hex Hoodwinkd
Harriet I slept with all your mothers Tell the right story
Ducktails Hamilton Road III: Arcade Dynamics
Native America Naturally Lazy Grown Up Wrong
Turnstile Blue by You Nonstop feeling
Think about Life Sweet Sixteen Family
Conor Oberst White Shoes Outer South
Archy Marshal Arise Dear Brother A New Place 2 Drown
The Olivia Tremor Control Jumping Fences Dark at Cubist Castle
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Biomusicology The Tyranny of Distance
A great Big Pile of Leaves Alligator Bop Have you seen my prefrontal Cortex?
Dogs on Acid Flushed Dogs on Acid
Violent Femmes Good feeling Violent Femmes
Jackson Scott Sandy Melbourne
Swain Never Clean my Room The long dark blue
the arcs searching the blue yours, dreamily,
The Velvet Underground after hours The Velvet Underground
WHY? Strawberries Mumps, etc
Best Coast Boyfriend Crazy for You
Pavement Zurich is Stained Slanted & Enchanted
The Blow Parentheses Paper Television
Dear and the Headlights Talk About Drunk like bible times
American Football The summer ends American Football