with Yann Koby

Friday, April 13, 2018
01:30 to 03:30
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Artist Song Album Label
Peter Gundry Lucifer's Hymn The Shadow's Bride n/a
Antonio Ruscito Nature 2 Solitude of Nature Concrete Records
Forest Drive West Persistence Of Memory 1 Persistence Of Memory EP Hidden Hawaii 3444
Discrete Circuit Remote Conversation (Blind Observatory Remix) Observer EP Astray
Antonio Ruscito Nube VA_03 Ascetic Limited
SHDW & Obscure Shape Die Weisse Rose Die Weisse Rose EP From Another Mind
SHDW & Obscure Shape Aus Der Tiefe Der Zeit Die Weisse Rose EP From Another Mind
Setaoc Mass Left Behind VA019 Involve Records
Burnt Friedman Mohammad Reza Mortazavi Yek 122-12 Nonplace 044 n/a
Tessela Hackney Parrot (10 Ton Mix) n/a Poly Kicks
Leftfield Afro-Left (Hodge & Peverlist Mix) Leftism Columbia
Tessela Sorbet Sorbet / Diving Poly Kicks
Cleric & Dax J Lost in Bermuda Clergy 005 Clergy
Gareth Wild Welcome to the Shadows Uncover Granulart recordings
Subjected Loop Selected Works III Arts Collective
Dax J Offending Public Morality Offendin gPublic Morality Monnom Black
Djrum Untitled 9 Struktur Ilian Tape
Segue Deep Valley Over The Moutains Silent Season
Persian Morning Sun (DJ Normal 4 rmx) Morning Sun Existence Is Resistance
Ryan James Ford Beltine Discipline 78-96 SHUT
Ryan James Ford Ken's Defekt Discipline 78-96 SHUT
Reload & E621 The Biosphere The Biosphere EP Evolution
Varro Morning Fog Mount Mabu Testpring Records