why won't we wake?

with deirdre dionysiac


Tuesday, April 10, 2018
11:00 to 14:00
the repossessing gloves
other shows

ALAN SPLET, DAVID LYNCH & ANN KROEBERwind, tonalsounds of a different realmsound mountain, the hollywood edge2000
NOBUKAZU TAKEMURAa factory in the nightfinale : for issey miyake men by naoki takizawawea japan, aka records1999, "where the setlist is made"
NINI RAVIOLETTEje tu noussuis-je normalecelluloid1980
NUNO CANAVARROwaskplux qubaama romanta1988, + brand upon the brain excerpt (spoken by laurie anderson)
NUELgendertrance mutationfurther records2011
NINO NARDINIstation xmusique pour le futurwrwtfwwr1970/2017

end sleep paralysis.
{~m~i~c~} N/Ainside the cable car barncable car soundscapesfolkways records1983
NAM JUNE PAIKmy jubilee ist unverhemmetfluxus anthologysong cycle1989/2017 (track orig. 1977), "pure wagnerian quatsch"
C-SCHULZklangfruhe jahre (early years)unseen worlds2017 (orig. 1991's "10. hose horn")*
NORMAL BRAINfrottage "one way"lady maidvanity records1981
NAFFIspace alligator / moroccan rollyum yum yum yum yaark1982
NURSE WITH WOUNDsomeone others gardenrising from the red sand volume twothird mind records1983
NAKARAbalimbanakara percussionsself-released1984
RYUICHI SAKAMOTOthe "dreaming"esperantomidi inc.1985/2015
MIDORI TAKADA & MASAHIKO SATOHiron paradiselunar cruisewrwtfwwr2017 (orig. 1990), this track cd only*
NOVOSTJvoce di edifici vuoti1983-1988hax1988 (orig. 1983), band later known as "dsordne"
NORDentract / caricaturenordart into life1981/2017
NO AIDcharlie wutzcharlie wutzself-released1980
{~m~i~c~} N/Amettle of metalcable car soundscapesfolkways records1983
NEONa day in the land of lost horizonsa day in the land of lost horizonstorso1981
NAGISA NI TEnagisa no watashi (me, on the beach)nagisa ni teorg records1995
NOTEKILLERSspaceland chantnotekillers (1977-81)ecstatic peace!2004
PEEPERS...go find some peepers this week! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXTI692RKLs
SALLY OLDFIELDblue watercelebrationbronze1980
COOL WATERSevening at nooncool watersncm records1993, project of napoleon cherry
MARTA SEBESTYEN & LEVENTE SZORENYIszerelem, szerelem (love, love)szerelmeslemezfavorit1985
NTOMBI NDABAwhy me?why me?anneko1991
N.O.I.A.be alertunreleased classics '78-'82ersatz audio2003
M.D.el invasorinterferencias vol. 1: spanish synth wave 1980-1989munster records2018 (orig. 1985)*
NURSE WITH WOUNDcooloorta moonsugar fish drink (a layman's guide to cod surrealism*)united dairies1992
NONpredator/preyeasy listening for iron youth: the best of nonmute1989
C-SCHULZbarbapapafruhe jahre (early years)unseen worlds2017 (orig. 1991's "10. hose horn")*
NISENNENMONDAIanbijin record2013
{~m~i~c~} NOVALISdronszdeutsche elektronische musik 3 - experimental german rock and electronic music 1977-81soul jazz2017 (orig. 1975)*
[end credits] N.A.D.transmattingnew aural discourserush hour recordings2017