don't back the front

with dana k

desperate bicyclesdon't back the front7"1977
gay cat parki'm a vocoder12"il discotto productions1982
kraftwerkboing boom tschak + techno popelectric cafe1986
yellow magic orchestrakeytechnodelic1981
'lectric workersrobot is systematic12"1982
patrick cowleyif you feel itmegatron man1981
telexpakmovastlooking for st. tropez1979
experimental productsmannequinglowing in the dark1984
hysterica passiogrey over life12"1982
pink industrytime for changeyou told you, you were naked?1983
silicon teensmemphis tennesseemusic for parties1980
genet tic tocdarwin's machines7"1982
lineas aereasbeneluxinterferencias vol. 11983/2017*
bam bampolka dot7"1981
ted miltonlove is like a violence12"1984
robert gorli love menight full of tension1984
craig sibleyi see art, you see claythe up another octave transmission1981
felix culpawe don't sleep together7"1980
les vampyrettesbiomutanten12"1980
those little aliensaarg, stop itrecordings 1980-1981vinyl on demand1980/2016*
unovidual + tara crosslike i am / comme je suisthe lost tapesminimal wave198?/2006
claudine chiracnautilusnautilus1983; swiss
deuxgame and performancethe minimal wave tapes1983/2010
perfect motherdark-disco-da-da-da-runthe bedroom tapes1980/2018; japan
cabaret voltairewhy kill time when you can kill yourselfthe crackdown1983
matthias schusterverlangenatemlos1981
fall of saigonblue eyesuntitled1982
der planwat's dat?normalette surprise1981
moevcracked mirror12"1981
analysissurface tension7"1981
soma holidayshake your molecules7"1984
absolute body control do you feel it inside?s/t1981
analyse logiqueblue days in berlinfolle coche split cassette198?