don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
desperate bicycles don't back the front 7" 1977
gay cat park i'm a vocoder 12" il discotto productions 1982
kraftwerk boing boom tschak + techno pop electric cafe 1986
yellow magic orchestra key technodelic 1981
'lectric workers robot is systematic 12" 1982
patrick cowley if you feel it megatron man 1981
telex pakmovast looking for st. tropez 1979
kalashnikov ultraviolencia 7" 1987
experimental products mannequin glowing in the dark 1984
hysterica passio grey over life 12" 1982
pink industry time for change you told you, you were naked? 1983
silicon teens memphis tennessee music for parties 1980
genet tic toc darwin's machines 7" 1982
lineas aereas benelux interferencias vol. 1 1983/2017 *
bam bam polka dot 7" 1981
ted milton love is like a violence 12" 1984
robert gorl i love me night full of tension 1984
craig sibley i see art, you see clay the up another octave transmission 1981
felix culpa we don't sleep together 7" 1980
les vampyrettes biomutanten 12" 1980
those little aliens aarg, stop it recordings 1980-1981 vinyl on demand 1980/2016 *
unovidual + tara cross like i am / comme je suis the lost tapes minimal wave 198?/2006
claudine chirac nautilus nautilus 1983; swiss
deux game and performance the minimal wave tapes 1983/2010
perfect mother dark-disco-da-da-da-run the bedroom tapes 1980/2018; japan
cabaret voltaire why kill time when you can kill yourself the crackdown 1983
matthias schuster verlangen atemlos 1981
fall of saigon blue eyes untitled 1982
der plan wat's dat? normalette surprise 1981
moev cracked mirror 12" 1981
analysis surface tension 7" 1981
soma holiday shake your molecules 7" 1984
absolute body control do you feel it inside? s/t 1981
analyse logique blue days in berlin folle coche split cassette 198?