Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

All Vinyl Week Edition

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Derobe Dance Band Gogoplata "Gogoplata"/'Kem dahg" (7" single) Secret Stash 2013
Cold Beat Black licorice Chaos by invitation Crime On The Moon 2017
Chiller Monophonic Chiller Dirt Cult/Rock Star 2018....clear brown vinyl
Zebra Hunt Follow In phrases Tenorio Cotobade 2017...white vinyl
Fox Face Boogie man Spoil + destroy Dirtnap 2017...white vinyl
Golden Teacher No luscious life No luscious life Golden Teacher 2017 *
CFM Homegrown paranoia "Homegrown paranoia" (7" ep) In The Red 2016
The Luxembourg Signal Are you numb? Blue field Shelflife 2017...solid pink vinyl
Scupper Train Some gauls Blue Cheese Toothpaste 2017
Patsy's Rats Is it alright? "Is it alright?"/"Givin' up" (7" single) Wink & Spit 2017...solid orange vinyl w/a little black splash
Kapingbdi You go go you go come Don't escape Trikont 1981
Silicon Valley Going out Cold waves of color, vol. 4 Color Tapes 1984/comp released 2016 C
METZ & Swami John Reis Caught up "Let it rust"/"Caught up" (7" single) Swami 2016...solid green vinyl w/black streaks
Plush 50/50 20/20 split 7" ep (w/Sports) Father/Daughter 2017...white vinyl
Lab Coast Wish we were anywhere Remember the moon Wyatt 2016
Street Eaters Davenant The Envoy Nervous Intent 2017
Zombie Zombie Looose Livity Versatile 2017
Lars Finberg Ambiverts Moonlight over Bakersfield In The Red & yellow splash vinyl *
Menace Beach Radiate me Super transporterreum (12" ep) Memphis Industries 2015
Three Colours Eventually This is Norwood Soul Selects 1987
La Femme Exorcisseur Mystere Born Bad 2016
The Bar-Kays You made a change in my life Propositions Mercury 1982
The Moving Pictures Face bak EMDR PTS 1 2 +3 Perennial 2016
ATM Your brain Inglewood Tapes Vol. 1 Radical Documents 2018 *
Peech Boys Don't make me wait (dub mix) "Don't make me wait" (12" single) West End 1982
Mind Spiders Furies Furies Dirtnap 2018 *
Musi-O-Tunya Njala Give love to your children Now-Again 1976
Talking Heads And she was (extended mix) "And she was"/"Television man" (12" single) Sire 1985
Einsturzende Neubauten Tanz debil 80-83 Strategin Gegen Architekturen Mute 1981/comp released 1984 R
Grace Sings Sludge Everlasting arms Life with Dick Empty Cellar 2017...white vinyl
Choke Chains Trace amounts Trace amounts Heel Turn 2018 *
Woolen Men Twenty twenty Lucky box s/r 2017
Strange Relations Flight instinct Editorial you Tiny Engines 2017...clear vinyl w/smoky white splash
Shark Toys Negativity Labyrniths In The Red 2018....white vinyl w/red & black splash
Seapony In heaven A Vision Burrito Thirty 2015
The JB's The Grunt Food for thought People 1972
David Bowie Quicksand Hunky dory RCA Victor 1971
Cindy Lee A Message from the aching sky Malenkost W.25th 2015
Sheer Mag Need to feel your love Need to feel your love Wilsuns Recording Company 2017