The Record Spins, The World Spins

with deirdre dionysiac


Tuesday, March 27, 2018
11:00 to 14:00
wild & wonder
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
SEVERED HEADS alaskan polar bear heater clifford darling, please don't live in the past
ABLE TASMANS hey, spinner! the theory of continual disappointment
MAX LEIBOWITZ yiddish hora - a heymish frelekhs i believe i'll go back home (1906-1959)
WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS & GUS VAN SANT millions of images the hipster be-bop junkie
NAGAMATZU lift off sacred islands of the mad
BOYD RICE/FRANK TOVEY extraction 2 easy listening for the hard of hearing
JOY DIVISION these days love will tear us apart the original 7"
NEGATIVLAND truth in advertising truth in advertising
CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE miscommunication situational awareness
LOS INDIOS mon chou harp music of the andes
GAL COSTA relance india
ALPACA BROTHERS wilderness legless
BATANG FRISCO power batang frisco
ALBERT COLLINS don't lose your cool don't lose your cool
++ AARON DILLOWAY no eye sockets (for otto & sindy) the gag file
JEFF SNYDER sunspot iv d sunspots *
FREDDIE HUBBARD / ILHAN MIMAROGLU the crowd sing me a song of songmy (a fantasy for electromagnetic tape)
DE-BONS-EN-PIERRE the mud man is coming crepes ep
. locked grooves rrr500
ALAIN MARKUSFELD fayava egg ii
RHYS CHATHAM drastic classicism for electric instruments antarctica
THE DURUTTI COLUMN street fight circuses and bread
INCANTATION cacharpaya (andes pumpsa desi) cacharpaya
MIDORI TAKADA, MASAHIKO SATOH monody lunar cruise *
SEVERED HEADS we have come to bless this house city slab horror the original!
BIG STAR st 100/6 #1 record
S.E. ROGIE i wish i was a cowboy the sound of s.e. rogie, volume 1
BROSELMASCHINE schmetterling deutsche elektronische musik 3 *
POPOL VUH abschied hosianna mantra
LOS CALCHAKIS with GUILLERMO DE LA ROCA la tilcarena la flute indienne
ADN' CKRYSTALL puckies' power jazz mad
THE TRIO BULGARKA zaplakala e gorata ("the forest is crying") the forest is crying (lament for indje voivode)
WILLIAM ONYEABOR jungle gods who is william onyeabor?
LES RALLIZES DENUDES enter the mirror untitled
SHIRLEY COLLINS & ROBIN HALL dance to your daddy / the sperm whale fishery english songs volume 2
THE ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW a turner sky susan sleepwalking