The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 326: 30% more vinyl than usual week

Monday, March 26, 2018
14:30 to 17:30
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
mf doom the hands of doom operation: doomsday fondle 'em 1999
gladys bentley how much can i stand? single b-side okeh 1928
ahn ki-ok & kin yin kuan janggochum excavated shellac: reeds supraphon/parlortone/dust to digital 194?/2015 C
wayne shorter dindi super nova blue note 1969
ian dury & the blockheads hit me with your rhythm stick (dance version) single a-side stiff/epic 1979
francois bayle tremblement de terre tres doux tremblements... recollection grm/editions mego 1978/2018 vinyl-only phyiscal release C
christian zanesi grand bruit grand bruit/stop ! l'horizon recollection grm/editions mego 1991/2018 vinyl-only physical release C
lee ranaldo excerpts from "from here to infinity from here to infinity sst/blast first 1987 locked grooves, vinyl af
holger czukay private philharmonist/witches' multiplication table on the way to the peak of normal (special edition lp) groenland 1981/2013 side 1, hidden inner groove
holger czukay on the way to the peak of normal on the way to the peak of normal (special edition lp) groenland 1981/2013 side 1, labeled outside groove
suruteto forsyth/come on come on run dead run love ep joyful noise 2017 flexi vinyl-only physical release
ed rodriguez chato/besitos flyaway, come here ep joyful noise 2017 vinyl-only physical release
black mecha counterforce counterforce profound lore 2018 vinyl-only physical release
rick deitrick missy christa gentle wilderness niodrara/tompkins square 1978 vinyl-only initial and reissue physical release
rick deitrick twilight caravan river sun river moon tompkins square 1977-8/2017 vinyl-only physical release C
ella jenkins w/ school children tah-boo/zeembah/moon don't go/toom-bah-ee-lero call-and-response rhythmic group singing ep folkways 1957 a folkways 10"
entombed revel in flesh left hand path earache 1990
syl johnson take me to the river single a-side hi 1975
the art farmer septet tiajuana the art farmer septet plays the compositions and arrangements of gigi gryce and quincy jones prestige 1954