with Deirdre from Earth


Monday, March 19, 2018
18:00 to 20:00
store-bought martian repellant
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
LOS MICROWAVES forever life after breakfast posh boy 1891
DINOSAURS WITH HORNS absinthe dinosaurs with horns the solid eye 3891
{~m~i~c~} microwaves - xylophonics (todos estaban los microwaves) . . .
MINIMAL MAN high why the shroud of subterranean records 1891
MINDFLAYER agramnimals it's always 1999 ooo mau mau 1002
OBSERVERS OBSERVING OBSERVABLES expiration date ep hardly music 0891
MINNY POPS md mania drastic measures, drastic movement plurex records 9791
PAVEL OVSYANNIKOV k zvezdam (towards the stars) ritmicheskaya gimnastika (aerobic exercises) melodija 5891
VYACHESLAV MESCHERIN'S ORCHESTRA on the kolkhoz poultry farm easy ussr vol. 1 epic 2002
MIRDZA ZIVERE zozefino viena diena mana muza melodija 9791
MAGICAL POWER MAKO this is the computer music magical computer music cbs/sony 5891
MIHA KRALJ digitalic electric dreams pgp rtb 5891
THE MASTER SCRATCH BAND pocket electronic jugoton - synthetic music from yugoslavia 1964-1989 croatia records 4102
MITO unit unit missing records 3891
{~m~i~c~} MAGGI PAYNE gamelan ahh-ahh (music for ed tannenbaum's technological feets 1984-1987) root strata 2102
MCCARTHY something wrong somewhere in purgatory 7" wall of salmon records 5891
MOISTEN BEFORE USE mekka nism primeval waltz fragment 4891
THE LO YO YO i can hold my own hand extra weapons floppy discs 5891
GASPER LAWAL kita kita ajomase cap records 0891
MULTIPLICATIVE INVERSE untitled one stop shopping terse tapes 1891
MICHEL WAISVISZ a cheval crackle fmp, claxon 8791
S. PILSO & HIS SUPER SEVEN kuya hanjwa next stop... soweto (township sounds from the golden age of mbaqanga) strut 0102
LEON LOWMAN the second safari sound horizon syntheseas records 2891
MASAMI TSUCHIYA tao-tao rice music epic 2891
ORLANDO KIMBER, JON KELIEHOR peking station east meets west bruton music 4891
MADAME PATATE valse madame patate in-poly-sons 2102
DRAGIBUS hanky panky lollipop autobus 2002
MASAHIRO SUGAYA chameleon garden the long living things (zoo of the sea) alcd 8891
MORAL trees in november and life is arp grammofon 4891
{~m~i~c~} mammane sani in the microwave (todos estaban los microwaves) . . .
DOOPEES now that you've gone doopee time for life records 5991
CLAN OF XYMOX louise medusa 4ad 6891
EMILIO APARICIO MOOG la ceremonia expansion galactica mental experience 8102 *