Post Post Scum

with Mama Rotten

Saturday, March 17, 2018
19:00 to 21:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Komquat Sneer S/T 7" Sex Not Suicide 1998
Xetas The Gaze The Tower 12XU
p***y Galore Dead Meat S/T SHOVE
Sonic Youth Expressway Starpower 1986
Babes in Toyland He's My Thing Spanking Machine Twin Tone 1990
Mary Timony Moon Ex Hex Lookout 2005
Hop Along Texas Funeral Painted Shut Saddle Creek 2015
Perfect P**sy Interference Fits Say Yes to Love Captured Tracks 2014
King Azaz Bury The Pit Single Philly band! Song released Jan 2018
Street Eaters Definition The Envoy Nervous Intent
The Breeders Archangel's Thunderbird All Nerve 4AD *
Royal Trux Ice Cream Twin Infinitives
Bleach Bone Shotgun S/R 1992
Sharkmuffin Stacey TSUKI *
Lunachicks Deal With It Jerk of All Trades Go Kart 1995
Screaming Females Deeply All At Once Don Giovanni New Brunswick band! *
La Luz Phantom Feelings It's Alive Hardly Art
Big Eyes Half the Time Audacity/ Big Eyes 7" Split Volar
Hole D*cknail D*cknail/Burn Black
Corndolly Human Cannonball S/T 7"
The Hectics Everything I Need Come Booze Down With The Hectics
Scrawl C.O.W. Blood Sucker 1991
Super Hussy We Are The Best S/T 7"
Priests Pink White House Nothing Feels Natural Sister Polygon
Jawbreaker Sister Etc. Blackball
Spitboy Word Problem Mi Cuerpo Es Mio Allied 1994
Downtown Boys Brown and Smart Full Communism Don Giovanni
Accidente Pulso Pulso Madrid Spain
Aye Nako White Noise The Blackest Eye
That Dog Holidays Totally Crushed Out!
Hits Like a Girl Yin Eyes Yin Eyes
Blood Club Burning Sun A WOOD WITH KNOTS
Box Fan Secret Suburban Cigarette Smoking Spot a benefit comp to help pay medical bills for those activists fighting against fascism & racism Reflective Tapes Olympia
Birthing Hips Pretty Girl No Sorry
the Moldy Peaches Little Bunny Foo Foo S/T
NOTS Entertain Me Cosmetic
Sleater Kinney Heart Factory Dig Me Out
Ellen and the Degenerates Going on a Trip Going on a Trip
Sister Palace In My House Count Yr Blessings Portland, OR
Cascadia Dream Kitsch Conditionally c/s
Veruca Salt Sound of the Bell Eight Arms to Hold You
Mary Bell Jonas' Swirl Mary Bell LP Paris
Weeping Icon Jail Billz Eyeball Under