The World's Fare

with Pangaeo

music from around the globe

Saturday, March 17, 2018
14:00 to 15:30

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
Emel Shkun Ena (Pandhora rework) Ensenity Partisan Records remix album released this week
Los Rumberos de la Bahia Que Sera de la Rumba Buena Mabagwe Eguin Eje Records coming out on Friday
Boibot Kualquiier Dia Tus Prolemas Crecen Locomotive Music
Sheila Chandra The Struggle (Slagverks mix) Roots and Wings Narada World
Rachid Taha Ghanni li Shwaya Diwan 2 Wrasse
Bongo, Marisa Monte and Carlinhos Brown Mulemba Xangola Red Hot and Lisbon Bar/None
Yellow Sisters Vodacka Zverinec 2 Indies Scope
Papa Siama and Auntie Dallas Monkey Game The land of Yangalele self-release coming out Friday
Second Hand Rose Picking a Flower Rough Guide to the Music of China - second edition World Music Network C
Ozomatli Violeta Don't Mess with the Dragon Concord
Kheswa and her Martians Qula Kewdini Meadowlands, Stolen Jazz Xippi Productions
Popul Vuh Ja, Diene Liebe Is Suber Als Wein Duetsche Elektronische Musik 3 - Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1971-'81 Soul Jazz * C
Pelageya Kossack Russen Soul Trikont C
Eliana Cuevas Sere Libre Golpes y Flores Alma Records
Filastine and Nova Miner Drapetomania
El Sonido Sonic Octopus Mundo Vale Pueblo Unido Remixes self-release
Karavan Sarai Project Wandering Mystic Painted Sands Electrofone
Hilario Duran Pilon Influenciado Contumbao Alma Records
Frank McNamara Toora Loora Looral If You're Irish ... Smart Arts
Cymbeline Stolta Vingar II 1965-1971 Guerssen *