Backspace Century

with Max

Friday, March 16, 2018
20:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album New Request
can bring me coffee or tea tago mago
midori takada & masahiko satoh ancient palace lunar cruise *
talking heads the great curve the name of this band is talking heads
tones on tail copper s/t
tenko the time drawers gradual disappearance
tragic mulatto 900 foot jesus judo for the blind
throbbing gristle hit by a rock doa
holger czukay persian love movies R
steve tibbetts you and it yr
tackhead demolition house friendly as a hand grenade
too much joy innocents ablaze green eggs and crack
no joy hellhole creep
spinal tap hell hole this is spinal tap
token entry entities jaybird
the tourists time drags so slow luminous basement
tall dwarfs no place... and other kinds throw a sickie
the telescopes to the shore s/t
translator everywhere that i'm not heartbeats and triggers
tiny lights country song prayer for the halcyon fear
trashcan sinatras obscurity knocks cake
to damascus hearts to cry succumb
television personalities how i learned to love the bomb how i learned to love the bomb 12"
television prove it marquee moon
thinking fellers union local 282 nail in the head lovelyville
david thomas & the pedestrians the new atom mine the sound of sand & other songs of the pedestrian
tyrannosaurus rex elemental child the definitive tyrannosaurus rex
thirteenth floor elevators earthquake easter everywhere