The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
11:00 to 14:00
other shows

Artist Song Album Label New
Spanky and Our Gang Leopard Skin Phones Without Rhyme or Reason Mercury
Tony Joe White Polk Salad Annie The Real Thang Casablanca
Neil Young Southern Man Journey Through the Past ST reprise
Curlew Shoats Live in Berlin Cuneiform
The Fireballs Groovy Motions Bottle of Wine Atco
Solex You've got Me The Laughing Stock of Indie Rock Arena Rock
Nipsey Russell Boating Safety PSA Stars and Songs For Safe Boating USDOT
C-Schulz Meisterschaft Fruhe Jahre (Early Years) Unseen Worlds *
Richard DeVos Selling America Selling America Amway
Qelectronics Side A, Tracks 4-12 Drum Buddy Rhinestone/Skin Graft
Sonic Youth Blink The Destroyed Room Geffen
Straight Arrows Out & Down 7" Spacecase *
Tronzo Trio Monk's Dream Knitting Factory at The Whitney Museum Knitting Factory Works
Knife in The Water Crosshair Chapel Cross Pross Bells Peek-a-Boo
Bob Newhart Boating Safety PSA Stars and Songs For Safe Boating USDOT
Fela Kuti Colonial Mentality Black President Capitol
Esmerine La Plume Des Armes Mechanics of Dominion Constellation *
Bill Haley & His Comets 13 Woman Golden Hits Decca
Tara Jane ONeil Bullhorn Moon Peregrine 1/4 Stick
Beehive & The Barracudas Action In Dark Love Swami
Nation of Ulysses Shakedown(Party) The Embassy Tapes Dischord
Song of Zarathustra Establishing an Introduction, Part 1 Racebannon/Song of Zarathustra split ; Near and far vol. 2 Level Plane
US Maple Missouri Twist/Through With Six Six Six Sang Phat Editor Skin Graft
Horse Lords Outer East/Life Without Dead Time Hidden Cities NNA Tapes
The Magic carpathians Project Ram nam Satya He Ethnocore 2: Nytu Drunken Fish
Mike Heron Beautiful Stranger Smiling Men With bad Reputations Elektra
Lynn Anderson Boating Safety PSA Stars and Songs For Safe Boating USDOT
Sonny Sharrock Peanut Black Woman 4 Men with Beards
Jack Pyle Listen, Son Listen, Son Cameo
The Visigoths Raga Rock I.B.B.Y. Rexco