with Abbie from Mars

Monday, March 12, 2018
18:00 to 20:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
Opium Jukebox God Save the Queen Never Mind the Bhangra (Here's the Opium Jukebox) Underground, Inc.
Heaven 17 The Height of the Fighting Penthouse & Pavement Virgin
New Pants Mysterious Shampoo Dragon Tiger Panacea Modern Sky
The Flying Luttenbachers Demonic Velocities / 20,000,000 Volts Destroy All Music Skin Graft
(((Microwaves))) Police Biz System 2 Cenotaph
The Uranium Club God's Chest All Of Them Naturals Static Shock
The Monks Monk Time Black Monk Time Polydor
Malcolm Brown Something's Got To Give Recordings 1980-1983 Vinyl On Demand *
Reptile Chapel Bust Out the Bell Bottoms Must I Get? self-released *
Mark Cone Sunk Heaven Now Showing Neck Chop
Fad Gadget Jump Gag Mute
Holger Hiller Jonny (Du Lump) Oben Im Eck / Ein Bundel Faulnis In Der Grube Mute
The Dream Syndicate That's What You Always Say The Days of Wine and Roses Ruby
NNY [track 8? it wasn't labeled??] Don't Happy, Be Worry & Live self-released
Les Savy Fav Hold Onto Your Genre Inches Frenchkiss
Negativland Gimme the Mermaid Fair Use Dead Dog
Die Zimmermanner Passwort Mach's Besser: 25 Jahre Die Sterne Materie C
Laura Baird Love Song From The Earth To The Moon I Wish I Were A Sparrow Ba da Bing! *
Gary Wilson Another Time I Could Have Loved You You Think You Really Know Me Motel

some songbirds
Wire Ahead (II) The Ideal Copy Enigma
Hovercraft Anthropod Experiment Below Mute
Jonathan Gall Crunch, Soar, Rinse, Repeat Crunch, Soar, Rinse, Repeat self-released with my own synth improvisations on the Stylophone Gen X-1 (who needs a name!)
Exploded View Lost Illusions Exploded View Sacred Bones