Social Contracts

with Baron Cecil Jollybottom VI

Saturday, March 10, 2018
06:00 to 09:00
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Artist Song Album Comments
Yoko Ono Midsummer New York Fly 3:52
Alison Krauss Too Late to Cry Too Late to Cry 2:56
James Taylor & Carly Simon Mockingbird Hotcakes 4:14
Pan Ron I Want to be Your Lover Dengue Fever 3:22
Soma Holiday Shake Your Molecules Shake Your Molecules 4:25
The Trio Bulgarka Sedyankata Ye Na Razvala The Forest is Crying 2:00, from Bulgaria
Los Calchakis with Guillermo de la Roca Ataray La Flute Indienne 1:37, from Argentina
Los Calchakis with Guillermo de la Roca Alborozo Coya La Flute Indienne 2:54, also from Argentina
Natalie Cole This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) Natalie Cole Anthology 2:51
Bob Dylan Tiny Montgomery The Basement Tapes 2:47
Native Hipsters Mr Magic There Goes Concord Again 4:30
Paul Simon Hobo Blues Paul Simon 1:20
Negativland Over the Hiccups From Youtube! 1:55
Joe Purdy Wash Away Julie Blue 3:01
Go Royal Swedish Fika Swedish Fika 3:25
Don Henley Sunset Grill The Very Best of 6:29
Bob Dylan I Feel A Change Comin' On Together Through Life 5:25
Ennio Morricone Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 2:42
Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek Theme Pops Out of This World 4:06
Eddie Rabbitt I Love a Rainy Night All Time Greatest Hits 3:11
Charlie Kunz By a Waterfall Dance Your Way Through the Thirties 2:43
Panthurr Woof, Pt. 1 I Love You 1:24
The Brothers Johnson Strawberry letter 23 Right on Time 4:59
Yazoo Only You Upstairs at Eric's 3:12
Eastside Connection Frisco Disco Brand Spanking New 6:52
Talking Heads Moon Rocks Speaking In Tongues 5:46
YU You Don't Have to Dance Recordings 1988: Family/I hope I am dreaming (this world) 2:45
Curtis Mayfield Once in My Life Curtis in Chicago 2:48
Sports Team Winter Nets Winter Nets 3:06
Airstream electra Lounge del Mare 6:12
Goldmund Threnody The Malady of Elegance 4:41
Marconi Union Weightless Pt 1 Weightless 8:07
Alan Watts/@MoStFeAr Beautiful Error Resurgence 6:41
@MoStFeAr For Takahiro Yorifuji Tokyo, I Adore You So Much 6:15
Ondrej Smeykal City Didgeridoo Solo II 3:32
Alan Watts Love You This is It! 3:17
Marconi Union Weightless Pt 2 Weightless 7:12
Al Green Let's Stay Together Let's Stay Together 3:19
The Doors The Crystal Ship The Doors 2:35
MGMT Little Dark Age Little Dark Age 5:00
Killer Joe Eighties Weird Science