you & i, replacing each other in public places

with deirdre dionysiac


Tuesday, March 6, 2018
11:00 to 14:00
fogged binoculars
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
MOISTEN BEFORE USE breathing out still no reply fragment 1989
BRUCE NAUMAN rhythmic stamping (four rhythms in preparation for video tape problems) soundtrack from first violin film blume 1969/2017
+ cas de marez a lay-out for desire a lay-out for desire self-released 1986
++ krzysztof penderecki kosmogonia kosmogonia philips 1974
ANDREW CHALK, DAISUKE SUZUKI the water clock in flaxfleet clouds uplifted autumn gave passage to kind nature faraway press 2009
{~m~i~c~} MASAHIRO SUGAYA oldfashioned music from alejo self-released 1987
KARIN KROG, JOHN SURMAN just holding on freestyle odin 1986
MARKUS STOCKHAUSEN, JASPER VAN'T HOF aqua sansa aqua sansa archeo recordings 1980/2016
THE MAKERS OF THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST fibrephone g'arage d'or (1980-1982) extreme 2004
MARCUS SCHMICKLER mystery bouffe palace of marvels (queered pitch) editions mego 2010
AKI TSUYUKO flutter ongakushitsu childisc 1999
+ karin krog, john surman freestyle freestyle odin 1986
+ masahide sakuma trois matins (short excerpt) kuroidoresunoon'na ("a woman with the black dress") moon records 1987
MAIN blown dry stone feed beggars banquet 1993
MY BLOODY VALENTINE all i need isn't anything creation records 1988
{~m~i~c~} MICHAEL BROOK, BRIAN ENO, DANIEL LANOIS midday hybrid editions eg 1985
HEMATIC SUNSETS tristesse aromatique aroma club paradox 4 dekorder 2009
CONRAD SCHNITZLER & MICHAEL OTTO wa hoooa micon in italia auf dem nil 1986
M. GRECHUTA childhood portrait pastoral sequences coloursound library 1982
MKWAJU ENSEMBLE ki-motion ki-motion columbia 1981/2018
MANEKINEKO KAGEKIDAN mori no okuri mono ("forest gifts") di yi gequ ji ("first song set") super fuji discs 1989/2010
MASAHIDE SAKUMA armadillo lisa victor 1984/2014
ASTRAL SOUNDS tides kaleidoscope music de wolfe 1978
GORDON ALEXANDER windy wednesday gordon's buster kismet 1968/2011
MARCOS VALLE para os filhos de abraao marcos valle preservation records 1983/2017
STAINED GLASS inca treasure aurora capitol records 1969
{~m~i~c~} MAURIZIO BIANCHI rose triangle dead colours menstrualrecordings, silentes minimal editions 2003/2011
MAURIZIO PASSAGGIO esther moon effetto musica rca 1984
MACHINEFABRIEK, STEPHEN VITIELLO broken record, cassettes box music 12k 2008
M. FINNKRIEG exit/accidental exit/accidental deaf eye 1988
MASAHIRO SUGAYA waving corner parade pad 1990
MICHELE MUSSER the dream clock eye chant freedom to spend 1986/2017
MLADEN FRANKO zoolife joys for girls and boys sonoton 1970s
MARC BARRECA community life music works for industry freedom to spend 1983/2017
THE MOONTREKKERS there's something at the bottom of the well vampires, cowboys, spacemen & spooks - the very best of joe meek's instrumentals castle music 2007 (orig. 1962)
MAGDALENE KEIBEL COMBO dadadadam das gemeine reitbein self-released 1988
M. ZALLA produzione problemi d'oggi liuto records 1973
{~m~i~c~} MFSB mysteries of the world mysteries of the world tsop 1980