MasterClassics and...Etc.

with Tobias

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
06:00 to 09:00
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Garofalo, Carlo GiorgioRomantic SymphonyNew Moscow Symphony OrchestraJoel Spiegelmann/aNaxos HNH 225183started about 6:04 a.m. EST
Adams, JohnThe Chairman DancesCity of Birmingham Symphony OrchestraSimon Rattlen/aEMI 550516:45
Britten, BenjaminViolin Concerto, Op. 15English chamber OrchestraSteuart BedfordLorraine Mcslan (vln)Naxos 5571987:01
Kodaly, ZoltanSerenade for two violins and viola, Op. 12n/an/aVasile Buska (vln) with Davis Brooks (vln), Csaba Erdelyi (vla)KVR classics (publ. 2010)7:35
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSymphony #32 in G and other keysKlassiche Philharmonie StuttgartKarl Muenchingern/aLP: London CS 66258:04
Rachmaninoff, SergeiIsle of the Dead, op. 29Russian National OrchestraMikhail PletnevOh, that 5/4 timeDG 463 0758:14
Minogue, Terence P.Five Whimsical tunesAmrican WoodwindsGary Rautenberg (contractor)Rhondda Dayton (fl). Plus: Alan peck (perc), Ben Ginsburg (keybs), Elizabeth Wilson (vln 7 vla)MI40088:34
Bach, J.SThree 3-part inventions, #11 in g, #9 in f, #6 in E; BWV 797, 795, 792 respectivelyn/an/aKarin Kei Nagano (pno)AnalrktaAN 87718:51