Terrible But Appreciated

with Geebes

Bad songs on good albums

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
23:00 to 01:00
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FarahThe Only OnesThe Only OnesItalians Do It Better2017; run run run run run :| -geebe1&2
Das MortalMidnight RendezvousAlways LovedLisbon Lux2017; bruh what are these lyrics -geebe1&2
FoalsMathleticsAntidotesWarner2008; itchy, skritchy, yelly, belly -geebe2
Death Cab for Cutie`The Sound of SettlingTransatlanticismBarsuk2003; ba BAAAAAAA stfu -geebe1
Thao & The Get Down Stay DownMeticulous BirdA Man AliveRibbon2016; the things i hate about this also are the things i like about it so idk -geebe2
KAYTRANADADESPITE THE WEATHER99.9%XL2016; generic jazz + generic K? -geebe1
------------Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. "2 B R 0 2 B" (1962)
Galactic ExplorersLunarscapeEpitaph for venusMental Experience2017 (orig. 1974); good atmospheric for background of short story*
SlimeAt Sea Again (feat. Selah Sue)CompanyDomino2015; the worst is sometimes the best -geebe2
Jonathan GallCrunch, Soar, Rinse, Repeatsingles/r2018; bruh what -geebe1&2*
BuscabullaTitanEP IIBabymaking2017; weird western vibes -geebe2
MitskiMy Body's Made of Crushed Little StarsPuberty 2Dead Oceans2016; voice clashes with fuzz -geebe1&2
Modest MouseLampshades on FireStrangers to OurselvesEpic2015; annoying lyrics and poppy melody >:| -geebe1
Holy FuckNeon DadCongratsInnovative Leisure2016; unwelcome oasis of chill -geebe2
ProfligateEnlistSomewhere ElseWharf Cat2018; layered melody and din -- not bad!*
Kweku CollinsThe OutsidersNat Loves/r2016; just okay (but honestly i'd never actually call it terrible) -geebe2
Toro y MoiYou and IBoo BooCarpark2017; boring/cliche r&b ballad on an otherwise great album -geebe2
OCSThe Baron Sleeps and DreamsMemory of a Cut Off HeadCastle Face2018; strings & tapes :)*
Malcolm BrownAdriftrecordings 1980-1983Vinyl On Demand2018; spooky synth => black metal!*
alt-JHit Me Like That SnareRELAXERInfectious Music2017; needs no explanation
Elvis DepressedlyBig BreakNew AlhambraRun For Cover2014; not emo enough for this boi -geebe1