From the Notebook

with DJ Maxi

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
14:00 to 17:00
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Frank ZappaThe Grand WazooThe Grand WazooBizarre/Reprise1972
Miguel Angel FusterPolvo LunarVenezuela 70 - Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth - Venezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970'sSoul Jazz RecordsReissue 2016
Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz OrchestraDesert Lady / FantasyDesert Lady / FantasyColumbia1994
Dave Holland QuartetInterceptionConference of the BirdsECM1973
Henry Threadgill SextetWhen Was That?When Was That?About Time1982
Rip Rig + PanicThose Eskimo Women Speak FranklyGodVirgin1981
The Golden PalominosCookoutThe Golden PalominosCelluloid1983
Psychiatric MetaphorsStrange Meats/t 7Little Dickman2018*
Bad BrainsSailin' OnRock for LightPassport Records1983
Nation of Ulysses50,000 Watts of GoodwillPlays Pretty For BabyDischord Records1992
Hugo LargoSecond SkinDrumRelativity1987
BugskullMind PhaserSnaklandScratch1996
Kim Soo ChulPerhaps I'd LikeThe Little Giantn/a1981
Raccoo-oo-oonThe Great Horn of the WildernessIs Night PeopleRelease The Bats Records2006
Buffalo DaughterNew RockNew RockGrand Royal1998
Kero Kero BonitoOnly ActingTOTEPs/r2018
Boredoms(star)Vision Creation NewsumBirdman1999
OxbowWoeKing of the JewsCFY Records1991
Del the Funkee HomosapienMistadobalinaI Wish My Brother George Was HereElektra1991
Deltron 3030State of the Nation/3030Deltron 303075 Ark2000
TackheadDemolition HouseFriendly As A Hand GrenadeTVT Records1989
Space StreakingsKai Kai Scratch7-TokuSkin Graft1994
The Disposable Heroes of HiphoprisyHypocrisy is the Greatest LuxuryHypocrisy is the Greatest LuxuryIsland1992
cLOUDDEADJimmyBreeze (1-2)cLOUDDEADBig Dada2001
Mos DefHip HopBlack on Both SidesRawkus Records1999
Illya Kuryaki and the ValderramasAbarajameChacoGigilo Productions1995
Amon TobinStoney StreetBricolageToy's Factory1997
Air LiquideSynsonicThe Increased Difficulty of ConcentrationSm:)e1994
A Tribe Called QuestPush It AlongPeople's Instinctive Travels and The Paths of RhythmJive1990