A Deluded Sense of Time

with deirdre dionysiac


Tuesday, February 27, 2018
11:30 to 14:00
a world-affirming beanie
other shows

LIJADU SISTERSturbulent waterssunshineknitting factory1978/2012

break: TOTAL ART OF PERCUSSION "wuhan wuchang"
WOOxylophonicsxylophonicsself-released2017 (rec. 90's)
LEROY CARRcarried water for the elephantcomplete recorded works in chronological order, vol. 3 (1930-1932)document records
WOOsemi-tone bluesall is wellself-released2017
LUDUSwould you rather dancing be? / patientpickpocket / danger came smilingltm2002 (orig. 1982 & 1981, respectively)
LUCKY STRIKE SISTERSmr. j.s. mpanzanext stop... soweto (township sounds from the golden age of mbaqanga)strut2010
LETHA RODMAN MELCHIORedymion/mwcieshimmering ghostsiltbreeze2015
LOOK DE BOUKthe thingamabobbingle monde entier moins le monde entier sans vousin-poly-sons2003
WOOgreen blobawaawaapalto flats2016
LES BAXTERstone godthe exotic moods of les baxtercapitol records1996 (rec. 1951)
LUCIFERsolomon's ringblack massuni records1971
LASERDISC VISIONSidgaf islandnew dreams ltd.beer on the rug2011
LILY GREENHAMrelativitylingual musicparadigm discs2007 (rec. 1974); + lieven martens moana "act one, under the stone pine (version alofa)"; + leo coomans "het geraas en het gebral" ; + laserdisc visions "idgaf island"

LEADBELLYbourgeoise blueswhere did you sleep last night?goldenlane records2009 (rec. 1939)
THE LO YO YOthe history of weaponryextra weaponsfloppy discs1985
LAUGHING HANDScapital wreckageledgeadhesive1980
LOGObusinessmenbusinessmenusa import music1988
LIGHTNING BOLTthe faire folkride the skiesload records2001
LINO CASTIGLIONEmodern expressionscloudsspettro1975/2016
LITTLE WALTERoff the walltell me mama / off the wallchecker1953
LEO COOMANSlouie louiebasement recordings 1978-1982ultra eczema2009
LIIMANARINAturistitlinkolalaista lahiorokkia landelta (laskia & lotinaa, moka-kolaa & mokaoljya)bad vugum2008
LEVEN SIGNSsedes sapientiaehemp is heredigitalis recordings1985/2013
LIAISONS DANGEREUSESlos ninos del parquelos ninos del parqueroadrunner records1981
TELEXthe voicewonderful worldwea1984
LOU CHAMPAGNE SYSTEMspectral informerthe planpterodactyl records2008 (80s demo)
DEVOclockouthardcore devo volume 2rykodisc1991
THE LIMPghost trainmarked manprimate records1981

break: LEONG LAU "salem abdullah"
LORI & THE CHAMELEONStouchtouchzoo records1979