Goat Crossing Above the Sky

with Miriam and Gil

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
01:00 to 02:00
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Artist Song Album New
Elevate Turn Up the Treble Interior
My Drug Hell You Were Right, I Was Wrong This is My Drug Hell
The Last Town Chorus Change Your Mind "S/T"
Lady Money S/T
Talib Kweli NY Weather Report Eardrum
The Warmers Romantic Conversation Dance Wanted: More
Body Futures The Plans You Carry Maybe It's Just The Weather *
OCS On and On Corridor Memory of a Cut Off Head *
Why Even The Good Wood Gone Eskimo Snow
Marybeth D'Amico The Lawnmower Song Great & Solemn Wild *
Robert Pollard Their Biggest Win Fiction Man
Shonen Knife Hot Chocolate Happy Hour
William Parker Angel's Tear Stan's Hat Flapping in the Wind