The Boy, Alone

with Geebe 1

misha is sick, so i decided to cry

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
23:00 to 01:00
other shows

Jen CloherDark ArtJen CloherMilk! Records2018; Aussie acoustic -- :'(*
Jeremy EnigkVictoryGhostsLewis Hollow2017; Sunny Day Real Estate frontman -- there is no victory
ThursdayA Hole In The WorldFull CollapseAnother Victory2001; NJ hardcore -- woah this hole ain't going anywhere!
Emo Side ProjectA Clean, Well-Lighted PlaceThe End of SomethingSea of Tranquility2014;
XXXTENTACIONDepression & Obsession17Bad Vibes Forever2017;
Yung LeanAgonyStrangerYEAR00012017;
Wicca Phase Springs EternalNot Like ThisSecret BoyDisposition Collective2016;
Current JoysIn a Year of 13 MoonsIn a Year of 13 MoonsDanger Collective2018; LV indie -- every time we are closer, I get this feeling that maybe we are further away
Banes WorldYou Bet I StareDrowsys/r2016; LA mellow pop -- this is me... maybe it's good for me?
Amen DunesLonely RichardLoveSacred Bones2014; NYC Indie -- that's me, alone at the mic
Oneohtrix Point NeverBoring AngelR Plus SevenWarp2013; Brooklyn exp. electronic -- why is everything building and yet I still feel like I'm dying?
Dexter GordonStairway to the StarsOur Man in ParisBlue Note1963; tenor sax -- the exit is deceptive
SsalivaCoud GapMercury CoastNot Not Fun2016;
MelormanInside Your DreamAfter NoonSun Sea Sky2012;
CaracoaElectric AirEnd of KingsInam2018;*
CaracoaTime In ReverseEnd of KingsInam2018;*
------------Ernest Hemingway, "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" (1933)
Oneohtrix Point NeverChrome CountryR Plus SevenWarp2013; Brooklyn exp. electronic -- i am nada. we are nada.
Jessica PrattCasperJessica PrattBirth2012;
Lali PunaScary World TheoryScary World TheoryMorr2001;
GrandbrothersAliceOpenCity Slang2017;
BramblesTo Speak Of SolitudeCharcoalSerein2012; Aussie piano -- I don't know how to leave
Maggie SansoneFarewell to NiggA Traveler's Dreams/r1995; hammer dulcimer -- the clean, well-lighted place appears
Moses SumneyDon't Bother CallingAromanticismJagjaguwar2017; LA soul -- I make the journey, but it is a struggle*
Kikagaku MoyoCardigan SongHouse in the Tall Grasss/r2016; Tokyo psych-rock -- Content but still unsure
The WarlocksThere is a Formula to Your DespairThe Mirror ExplodesTee Pee2009; LA psych-rock -- Everybody feels this way
Sufjan StevensHollandMichiganAsthmatic Kitty2003; you know him -- a new perspective