brief insights among the mud and the pattering of keys above

with deirdre dionysiac


Tuesday, February 20, 2018
11:00 to 14:00
a wry grin
other shows

JEAN-BERNARD RAITEUXthe second inquisitionjess franco's "les demons"finders keepers1973/2016
ANGELO BADALAMENTIi'm hurt badtwin peaks - season two music and moredavid lynch music company, absurda2007
GIOVANNI VENOSTAjelly groundolympic signalssoave1985/2017
JACKPINE SAVAGEabracadabratogetherdimension 51971
LUIS CILIAgoodbye macaua regra do fogotejo1988
LUIS PANIAGUAla verdad de lo pequenoneptunograbaciones accidentales1987
D.A. DETTMARpacific rain foreststitching small tears (a vancouver electronic music compilation)contact list of electronic music, alien soundtracks1982

break: JEAN HOYOUX "chronos"
LA NINA DE LOS PEINESsaeta: pilatos por no dejarbrass pins & pearls: international 78smississippi records2011
CHEN YIrounder"the" 1978 - 198390% wasser2006
GREGORIO BARDINI, ALBERTO FIORI CARONESdanze del primo invernoil viale giallo della vergognaself-released1980
KARL BLAKEbabies in greythe prehensile tales (solo archives 1977-1981)pro-evil pro-devil1991
THE ELECTRONIC WASHBOARDside auntitledself-released1987
EMILYdoomed to faili've got a steel bar in my headmo da mu1984
LOS JAIVAScacholos jaivasself-released1971
LEMON KITTENSsmall mercieswe buy a hammer for daddyunited dairies1980
LAST DAYSifsatelliten5md2013
LAST FEW DAYStoo much is not enoughritual: magnetic northtouch1985
LEA BERTUCCIdragano earwormaxis/atlasclandestine compositions2016

break: LOVESLIESCRUSHING "valerian (her voice honeyed)"
BOB ROSENGARDEN & PHIL KRAUSbongolinalike bongos!time records1960
AYOBAYO BANDsorry brapantsula! (the rise of electronic dance music in south africa, 1988-1990)rush hour recordings2017
JEAN-FRANCOIS PAPINjoyinsane dancesupon tyne1982
YALAHunknownmusic from saharan cellphones vol. 2sahel sounds2011
LAKAL KANEYsoul tamasheqmusic from saharan cellphones vol. 2sahel sounds2011
LEISURE CONNECTIONwave ridingjungle dancing / wave ridingno 'label' (rush hour)2013
DEQUANTIZEquantizehorrendous new wavefish records2017
THE SYSTEMsixty watt pearllogicromantic records1983
DORIS NORTONpersonal computerpersonal computerdurium1984
DUTY TOOTbit by bozohorrendous new wavefish records2017
LUDUSanatomy is not destinymy cherry is in sherry (7")new hormones1981
ZIMMER FREIalimentariuntitledkilroy1981
LILIPUTbirdyliliputrough trade1982
THE RAINCOATSno side to fall inthe raincoatsrough trade1979
PANKBENDinformaathorrendous new wavefish records2017
SPOBBELIBOBBERstrawberry shortcakeadicktionthe spobbelibobber record label2018
SCANTRONcalculator882-ediscontinuous innovation2017
PTOSE PRODUCTIONwaiting for my soulpoisson solubleptose production presente1983
ALESIA COSMOSpat'lin d'merdeexclusivo!dark entries1983/2017
Y13i don't want to bealles sal reg komexart1984

break: LA IDEE DU FEMELLE "la jungla moderna"
LSD MARCHblack bouquetkanashimino bishounenhp cycle records2004