two broken androids

with the geebes

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
vangelis main title blade runner ost warner 1994; emergence.
kaitlyn aurelia smith a kid the kid western vinyl 2017; hello, world. *
holly herndon interference platform 4ad 2015; listening.
somethingunreal neural network tries to generate english speech (rnn/lstm) n/a youtube 2016; first words.
deantoni parks black axioms technoself leaving records 2015; first steps.
hella biblical violence hold your horse is kill rock stars 2002; movement.
tune-yards sink-o nikki nack 4ad 2014; a task.
sonny and the sunsets green blood antenna to the afterworld polyvinyl 2013; emotion... ?
radiohead paranoid android paranoid android ep xl 1997; emo...tion.
flaming lips yoshimi battles the pink robots part ii yoshimi battles the pink robots warner bros. 2002; combat.
culprate florn deliverance open outlets 2014; processing.
isaac asimov satisfaction guaranteed n/a ziff davis 1951; laws.
worriedaboutsatan all things are silent but you arrivals denovali 2010; subvert.
aphex twin cirklon3 [kolkhoznaya mix] cheetah ep warp 2016; awareness.
special request replicant - nexus 7 vip belief system houndstooth 2017; cracking.
giant claw 002 soft channel orange milk records 2017; meltdown. *
lena platonos hoping by shopping sun masks dark entries 2017; discontinued. *