with Aida

Thursday, February 8, 2018
23:00 to 01:00
I Don't Understand (This Affinity For Disorder)
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Artist Song Album New
Small Faces What's A Matter Baby Small Face
Duds Elastic Seal Of A Nature or Degree *
Sakai Ishinage Odori Preservation Society Yose Daiko Sakai Ishinage Odori *
Shimizu Yasuaki Ka-Cho-Fu-Getsu Made to Measure Vol. 12: Music for Commercials *
Francois Bayle Jeita Ou Murmure Des Eaux Jeita Ou Murmure Des Eaux
David Tudor Pulsars Three Works For Live Electronics
Smog Hit The Ground Running Knock Knock
Joshua Rifkin L'Amour S'En Cachant The Baroque Beatles Book
Perrey and Kingsley One Note Samba/Spanish Flea Kaleidoscopic Vibrations
Oppenheimer Analysis Under Surveillance New Mexico