The Bashful Ants

with Geebes

Ants being just a little sheepish

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
23:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Randy Newman The Time Of Your Life Bug's Life Soundtrack
Iiro Rantala, Ulf Wakenius Sir Duke Good Stuff ECT Music 2017; piano stuff FUN ... good stuff one might say
From Scratch 8,9,10 and 9,10,11 Gung Ho 1,2,3D EM 2017 (orig. 1980s?): New Zealand minimalist percussion; the ant troupe gathers *
Photay The Everyday Push Onism Astro Nautico 2017; NYC electronic antism; like ants playing percussion
Slime The Way of Asprilla Company Domino 2015; Newcastle, UK emo chill worker ant contemplating existence and the hive mind
Berthe Bovy La Cigale et La Fourmi Fables de la Fontaine Microgroove a story of ants and a grasshopper (in French!) ==> there's a time for work and a time for play
Mount Kimbie SP12 Beat Love What Survives Warp 2017; UK dub duo brings movement to the ants leaving their colony
Groundislava Wait Forever Groundislava 2 Friends of Friends 2018; LA chiptune artist Jasper Patterson (founder of Wedidit); ants celebrating the harvest... at a rave, but crying, so it cancels out
mum I'm 9 Today Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is Okay Morr 2005; Icelandic experimental electronic telling the story of the everyday ant, kinda shy, kinda happy
Minotaur Shock Muesli Maritime 4AD 2005; Bristol, UK electronic; the ant plods through the field, away from home; mild danger looms but it perseveres
Esmerine La Plume Des Armes Mechanics of Dominion Constellation 2017; Montreal ensemble (Godspeed You! + The Silver Mt. Zion); the ant falls in a puddle, has fun, almost drowns, but powers through to the surface *
Gabor Szabo Three King Fishers Bacchanal Skye Records 1968; Hungarian guitarist; the birds of prey stalk and swoop
alt-J Hand Made An Awesome Wave Infectious 2012; UK indie rock; the birds are friendly... and shy too; they travel together, still a little bashful
Cymande Dove s/t Alaska 2013 (orig. 1972): British psychedelic and soulful funk; it turns out they all play music, so they did, a little restrained but undoubtedly expressive
Romare L.U.V Love Songs: Part Two Ninja Tune 2016; "This forest was interminable, it had an air of being invincible, and Man seemed at best an infrequent precarious intruder."
Giant Claw 006 Soft Channel Orange Milk Records 2017; "Then he became aware that the planks of the middle decking were dotted with moving black specks." *
Teen Suicide Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Bonus EP Run For Cover 2016; the sad ants return home