An Aerial View of My Life

with deirdre dionysiac

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
11:00 to 14:00
a levitating toupee
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
THE TORNADOS the ice cream man vampires, cowboys, spacemen & spooks - the very best of joe meek's instrumentals castle music 2007 (orig. 1963)
PAULINE ANNA STROM mushroom trip trans-millenia music rvng intl. 2017 (orig. on 1983's "plot zero")
K. LEIMER my timid desires a period of review (original recordings 1975-1983) rvng intl. 2014 (orig. on 1983's "installation view')
KYM AMPS you love me you don't know my name (7") diversion 1981
KSIEZYC klepana ksiezyc obuh records, penultimate press 1996/2017
NORIKO MIYAMOTO with ISAO SUZUKI my life push yupiteru records 1978

break: KAORU TODOROKI "scenes in the dream / atmosphere of the forest"
KATE BUSH symphony in blue lionheart emi 1978
JACQUELINE HUMBERT & DAVID ROSENBOOM bareback daytime viewing (1979-1980) unseen worlds 2013
KARL BISCUIT fables prehistoriques - pteroglyphe aktualismus made to measure (crammed discs) 1991
KATARINA II aut katarina ii zkp rtvl 1984
KAT EPPLE & BOB STOHL stellar wanderer sanctus spiritus dead-cert home entertainment 2013 (rec. 1980-82)
KAREN MARKS won't wear it for long cold cafe (7") astor 1981
THE KINKS big sky the kinks are the village green preservation society pye records 1968
JAN DUKES DE GREY sun symphonica mice and rats in the loft transatlantic records 1971

break: J.D. EMMANUEL "evening devotional"
KAREN NOVOTNY X future on untitled the great pop supplement 2010
KEMIALLISET YSTAVAT el millaan kielella alas rattoisaa virtaa dekorder 2014
KAS PRODUCT man of time try out rca victor 1982
KAREL APPEL poeme barbare musique barbare sub rosa 1963/2016
KANNO MITSUAKI busho busho rca 1976
KAZUMI YASUI atashi ni wa nanimonai ("i have nothing") zuzu polydor 1994
KAZUMOTO ENDO itabashi girl while you were out boxmedia, philosophy shop 1999
KINOKO GUMO sora ga aoi to omoeta toki ga ("the time that it seemed the sky was blue") kokoro o utau ("songwriter") king records custom 1972
KAPITAL trans-mania chaos to chaos instant classic 2015
IMAGES & AVANT-QUART l'evasion le dernier jour d'un condamne self-released 1979
RAIMO KANGRO mooramaa laul teeme muusikat iv melodija 1978
KATE FAGAN i don't wanna be too cool waiting for the crisis / i don't wanna be too cool manufactured recordings 1980/2016
KELAN PHIL COHRAN & LEGACY african skies african skies captcha records 2010 (rec. 1993 for the adler planetarium, chicago)
KEIJO clouds of the summer keijo lal lal lal 2003
KEN BOOTHE everything i own everything i own wild flower 1974
KANEKO JUTOK & KIKUKAWA TAKAHISA the wedge wedged night siwa 2005

break: KEVIN HARRISON "free float"
NORIYO IKEDA dream in the street dream in the street orange house records 1980, no Opal, changed my mind!