Cold Brews

with Ja boi

Monday, January 29, 2018
17:00 to 18:00
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Moses SumneyQuarrelAromanticismJagjaguwar2018; + Thundercat on bass!*
SangoSweet Holy Honey (ft. Xavier Omar)singleLast Gang2018; Brazilian producer from Seattle, WA
ShogonodoArise (Nohidea. Edit)singleploomlabs2018; French SoundCloud beats meets Japanese hip-hop beat master
GroundislavaFlawed FortressGroundislava 2Friends of Friends2018; LA chiptune artist Jasper Patterson (founder of Wedidit)
Yo La TengoYou Are HeresingleMatador2018; these master of dreamy indie hail from Hoboken, NJ, and have been around more than 30 years!
HovvdyIn The SunsingleDouble Double Whammy2018; minimal sad banjo rock from Austin
Lucy DacusAddictionssingleMatador2018; Richmond, VA indie with elements of everything (joy, angst, somberness)
Moose BloodIt's Too MuchsingleHopeless Records2018; simple but hard strugglin emo from Canterbury, Kent
Tiny Moving PartsCautionSwellTriple Crown2018; Minnesota emo revival (awesome hammer-ons)
PalehoundYMCA PoolsingleSaddle Creek2018; tender and yet somehow quite powerful emo indie from Ellen Kempner of from NYC
Lena PlatonosChild of the EveSun MasksDark Entries2017; Greek dark electronic mixed with bewitching and brooding poetry*
Johnny GreenwoodHouse of WoodcockPhantom ThreadNonesuch2018; the brain of Radiohead made an awesome motion picture soundtrack this year... again!
Nils FrahmHarm HymnAll MelodyErased Tapes2018; famed Berlin electro classical-ist using those pipe harmonics!
KhruangbinMaria TambienCon Todo El MundoNight Time Stories2018; Texas trio making psychedelic Thai-style funk and groove
YaejiDrink I'm Sippin OnsingleGODMODE2017; Korean American making Chicago-style house trap with smooth Korean raps