don't back the front

with dana k

scrotum polespick the cat's eyes outrevelationone tone1980; dundee
visitorsmothelectric heatdeep cuts records1979; edinburgh
the flowersconfessions7"pop aural1979; edinburgh
article 58echoesevent to comerational records1981; hamilton
x-s dischargeconfessionslife's a wankgroucho marxist record co-operative1980; paisley
the fakessylvia clarkeproductiondeep cuts records1979; stirling
the freezefor j.p.s (with love and loathing)in colourA.1 records1979; edinburgh
buba and the shop assistantssomething to do7"villa211984; edinburgh
brillsgang of one3 tracks from the brillsbrill music1979; glasgow
scrotum poleshelicopter honeymoonrevelationone tone1980; dundee
boots for dancingboots for dancing 12"pop aural1980; edinburgh
scars adult/ery7"fast product1979; edinburgh
the pratsinvernessearcom 1fast product1979; edinburgh
the pratsdisco pope1990's pop EPrough trade1980; edinburgh
strutzbreak pointwe are so finemill 1981; dunfermline
fire enginesdiscordlubricate your living roompop aural1980; edinburgh
restricted codefirst night on7"pop aural1980; glasgow
35mm dreamsmore than this7"asa1980; edinburgh
rhythm of lifesummertime7"rational records1981; edinburgh
strawberry switchbladeseaside (go away)demonight school1982/2017; glasgow
paul reekielovers7"thursdays records1981; edinburgh
delmontesso it's not to be7"rational records1981; edinburgh
rapid dancefragments of youth7"resolute records1981; glasgow
metropakhere's looking at youwalking-lookingpak1980; edinburgh
the ettesa conversationdemounreleased/hyped2death1979; edinburgh
vazz (the distance)a threatirrationalerational records1981; glasgow
commercialssimon16 again and againcommercial records1980; north berwick
restricted codethe new messiahsecond city statik: a glasgow compilationstatik records1980; glasgow
neon barbsbreak your chains7"logical step 1981; edinburgh
TV21ambition7"powbeat1980; edinburgh
the presidents mencryreasons for leavingoily1981; edinburgh
the rezillosflying saucer attack7"sire1978; edinburgh