oops i inked again

with kid squid

just a squid and some squiddy tunes

Thursday, January 18, 2018
20:00 to 23:00
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all dogsthe gardenkicking every day
the cranberriesdreaming my dreamsno need to argue
huun-huur-tuchryaa-khoor (yellow pacer)ancestors call
igor stravinskythe rite of springle sacre du printemps / the rite of springrome symphony orchestra/leonardo scotti, conductor
bedrich smetanavysehrad "the high castle" / vltava "the moldau"--chicago symphony orchestra/rafael kubelik, conductor
julie byrnemelting gridnot even happiness
franz schubertwinterreiseschubert winterreisehakan hagegard, baritone, thomas schuback, piano
clara rockmoretchaikovsky - berceuse--
john williamsclose encounters of the third kind (soundtrack)--