In Search of the Perfect Egg

with deirdre dionysiac

the dirty little things

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
11:00 to 14:00
sleeveless denim dress
other shows

MORT GARSON & THE BLOBSson of blobelectronic toys 2 (a retrospective of early synthesizer music)q.d.k. media1999
JACQUES LEJEUNEperpetuelsymphonie au bord d'un paysageina-grm1983
IGOR CACKLEvallons oiseaux soufflemelodies you won't remember.2018
I MARC 4darknessshopping in carnaby streetsr records1968
JAMES WELBURNnaughtholdmiasmah2015
GRAHAM LAMBKIN, JASON LESCALLEETlossphotographserstwhile records2013
JAMES FERRARObuffy honkerburg's answering machinenight dolls with hairsprayolde english spelling bee2010
JEAN-PIERRE DECERFgates of pop empirespace odditties 1975-1979born bad records2015

break: JUST-ICE "put that record back on"
JACQUELINE HUMBERT & DAVID ROSENBOOMtalk 1daytime viewing (1979-1980)unseen worlds2013
JABIRorigenvuelo por las alturas de alhambradiscos esplendor geometrico1988
J.D. EMMANUELclockwerkunreleased..
FRED WEINBERGa child's lifeelectronic toys 2 (a retrospective of early synthesizer music)q.d.k. media1999
JEAN-PIERRE DECERF(title defaced)space oddities 1975-1979born bad records2015
JEAN SCHWARZwhalesyear of the horse and other electroacoustic works 1974-1986robot records2016 (orig. 1986's "still waters")
JACNOrectanglejacnocelluloid, dorian1979
J.J. BURNELjellyfisheuroman comethunited artists records1979
JA JA JAi am an animal / katz rapja ja jaata tak1982

break: JACK J "looking forward to you"
JA'AFAR HASSANthey taught mechoubi choubi! folk and pop songs from iraqsublime frequencies2005, style listed as "1970s socialist folk rock"
THE JANET AND JOHNSi was a young manuntitled 7"vindaloo records1980
JACK ROSEcross the north forkkensington bluesvhf records2005
KASSAV'mwen malad awkassav'gd productions1985
JAZZ WORK SHOPmezare israel yekabtzenumezare israel yekabtzenufortuna records1973/2014
JAAP BLONKboring conversationirrelevant commentskontrans2017
HARRY BREUERsaturn ski jumpelectronic toys 2 (a retrospective of early synthesizer music)q.d.k. media1999
JAAP BLONKinteresting conversationirrelevant commentskontrans2017
CHEN YIrugq/rmelodies souterraines2017
JAMES CHANCE & THE CONTORTIONSthrow me awaybuyze records1979
JAH WOBBLEtales from outer spacethe legend lives on...jah wobble in betrayalvirgin1980
JOHN BENDERplaster (long version)memories of mindless mechanical monologues 1976-1985vinyl-on-demand2012
JAMES FERRARObrittney's gumnight dolls with hairsprayolde english spelling bee2010
KEVIN LAZARdark heart cabaretmutant generationvinyl-on-demandearly 80s
JEICH OULD BADU & AHMEDOU AHMED LAWLAerkiztop wznsahel sounds2017
JERI ROSSIi left my heart but i don't know wherei left my heart but i don't know where 7"local anesthetic1983
JESUS AND MARY CHAINdown on medarklandsblanco y negro1987
JAMES FERRAROradio cherubsnight dolls with hairsprayolde english spelling bee2010