don't back the front

with dana k

Friday, January 12, 2018
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request
liars hold hands and it will happen anyway they were wrong so we drowned 2004
gang of four cheeseburger solid gold 1981
out on blue six johnny peel session 1980
trumans water aroma of gina arnold spasm smash xxxoxox ox & ass 1993
slint carol tweez 1990
melkbelly off the lot nothing valley 2017
booji boys piscine perfect weekend rocker 2017
tropical trash last night straight split 7" 2017
flat worms 11816 s/t 2017 *
god and the state pound of flesh ruins 1985
eat skull waiting for the hesitation sick to death 2008
bb eye headcheese heartthrob headcheese heartthrob 2017
love of diagrams pace or the patience EP 2007
shopping discover the official body 2018
big black rema-rema rema-rema EP 1985
from nursery to misery primitive lands pixies in the woods 2017 (orig. 1988-1991) *
david bowie panic in detroit aladdin sane 1973 R
tall dwarfs dog dogma EP 1987
sonic youth the burning spear s/t 1982
the u-men flowers dgih discography (self titled) 2017 (orig. 80s) *
god bullies follow the leader mama womb womb 1989
glazer making this s**thole a s**thome on a prairie, live in the dirt 2017
pigbros war food the blubberhouses 1985
nomeansno dark ages small parts isolated and destroyed 1988
dustdevils throw the bottleful struggling electric and chemical 1990
a.c. temple sundown pet corner sourpuss 1989
dan melchior another oil spill road not driving 2017