don't back the front

with dana k

liarshold hands and it will happen anywaythey were wrong so we drowned2004
gang of fourcheeseburgersolid gold1981
out on blue sixjohnnypeel session1980
trumans wateraroma of gina arnoldspasm smash xxxoxox ox & ass1993
melkbellyoff the lotnothing valley2017
booji boyspiscine perfectweekend rocker2017
tropical trashlast night straightsplit 7"2017
flat worms11816s/t2017*
god and the statepound of fleshruins1985
eat skullwaiting for the hesitationsick to death2008
bb eyeheadcheese heartthrobheadcheese heartthrob2017
love of diagramspace or the patienceEP2007
shoppingdiscoverthe official body2018
big blackrema-remarema-rema EP1985
from nursery to miseryprimitive landspixies in the woods2017 (orig. 1988-1991)*
david bowiepanic in detroitaladdin sane1973R
tall dwarfsdogdogma EP1987
sonic youththe burning spears/t1982
the u-menflowers dgihdiscography (self titled)2017 (orig. 80s)*
god bulliesfollow the leadermama womb womb1989
glazermaking this s**thole a s**thomeon a prairie, live in the dirt2017
pigbros war foodthe blubberhouses1985
nomeansnodark agessmall parts isolated and destroyed1988
dustdevilsthrow the bottlefulstruggling electric and chemical1990
a.c. templesundown pet cornersourpuss1989
dan melchioranother oil spillroad not driving2017