with deirdre dionysiac

wild & wonder

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
11:00 to 14:00
witches & droogs
other shows

INFORMATION DESK VIRTUAL7 wonders of the internet ft. windows 97 (geometric headress)sapporo contemporarybeer on the rug2012
Il GUARDIANO DEL FAROocchi scuri, cielo chiarodomanicetra1977
IMPLOGbreakfastbreakfast (7")log records1980
IPPU-DOthings to worry about / fear for the futuremagix vox ippu-do era 1979-1984 (cd4: night mirage)gt music2006 (rec. 1983)
IRMIN SCHMIDT & THE INNER SPACEim tempelkamasutra - vollendung der liebecrippled dick hot wax!2009 (rec. 1969 for a motion picture called "kamasutra")

break: THE MAGIC ORGAN "wheels" & FELICIA ATKINSON "adaptation assez facile"
ICHIKO HASHIMOTOopening the door of heaven, there overflowed the orange shineichikojvc1984
IDRIS ACKAMOOR & THE PYRAMIDSwhispering tendernesswe be all africans!strut2016
IAN ELMSno longergood nightsquid marks time1982
IAN BODDYthe sentinelspiritsnewcastle media workshop1984
IAN MARTINmechanical rainmechanical rainfurther records2012
IHOR CYMBROWS'KYJbilya morya (by the sea)pryydy yanhole (come angel)koka records1996 (reissued 2016)
ILO ISTATOVfaces (excerpt)linesnew bulwark records & tapes1986
.four years / hallucination frustrationthe electronic sylvia plathbroken skull tapes1982
ILLUSION OF SAFETYeverythingsobjekt no. 4ladd-frith1990
INSPIRED SCHOOL OF ASTRAL MUSICforced reality iicelestial stairwaypsychic sounds2012
INTERNAZIONALEruby heartthe pale and the colourfulposh isolation2017
INFIDEL?/CASTRO!the onset of lifebioentropic damage fractalcrucial blast2005
INGRID MANSFIELD ALLMANa dreamthe hunt (7")polydor1982
INNER CITY UNITamyl nitratepassoutgonzo multimedia1980/2016
THE INSTANT AUTOMATONSlaburnum walksincerely making a noiseb.f.e records, beat generation2016 (og. on 1981 cassette "blue masters of the humber delta")

break: IURY LECH "cuando rocio dispara sus flechas" w/ some vinyl play
ILYAS AHMEDpassing linescloser to strangermie music2018 (album comes out January 26)
GROUPERlittle gray catinca ore / grouperself-released2007
IGNATZwe used to smoke insidei live in a utopiagoaty tapes2015
IRON CURTAINanorexiaterror story (7")iron curtain records1983
INTERIORtimelessinterioryen records1982
IDOLIzasto su danas devojke ljutevis idolijugoton1981
INSANLARkime nekime nehonest jon's records2015 (orig. 2013)
BOBBY BROWNsteamboat mamaprayers of a one man banddel rio records & tapes1982/2016
MINIMAL COMPACTimmigrant songimmigrants songscrammed discs1986
I GRESgrumblingi grescometa edizioni musicali1974/2015
INOYAMA LANDapple stardanzindan-pojidonyen records1983

break: IL GUARDIANO DEL FARO "i only have eyes for you"
IHSAN AL-MUNZERrasputindisco belly dance volume 2voice of stars1979