don't back the front

with dana k

Artist Song Album Comments New
the homosexuals hearts in exile the homosexuals' CD 1978/2004
moon duo jukebox babe jukebox babe/no fun 2018; alan vega cover
mark stewart + maffia as the veneer of democracy starts to fade mark stewart + maffia 1985
23 skidoo last words 7" 1981
eyeless in gaza half light caught in flux 1981
UUUU boots with wings UUUU 2017
akira s. & as garrotas que erraram sobre as pernas nao wave 1987/2005
truus de groot NY NY noise reduction system 2017 (orig 198?)
silicon teens let's dance music for parties 1980
alaska y los pegamoides horror en el hipermercado 7" 1980
neonbabies moderne liebe harmlos 1982
klack klack 19/19 schule des vergessens 1988
instant automatons people laugh at me another wasted sunday afternoon 1980/2005 - WHY PAY 6 POUND FOR AN ALBUM WHEN YOU CAN LISTEN TO A WEIRD NOISE BAND?
scritti politti scritlocks door early 1979/2005
rich labonte show me pictures mayan canals 1981/2017 *
SPK seite ((lysso)) (excerpt) leichenschrei 1982
894 WIDN was ist schlimm? 1982
the neon judgement tv treated noise reduction system 1982/2017
john maus touchdown screen memories 2017 *
scorched earth policy since the accident going thru a hole in the back of your head 1985
shoes this high christian song straight to hell 2014 (orig. 198?)
amos & sara go home soldier 12" 1983
friction big-s s/t 1980
last four (4) digits city streets big picture EP 1980
abiku red repulsion split EP 1984; kalamazoo, michigan
skeptics sheen of gold amalgam 1990