oh no

with deirdre dionysiac

wild & wonder

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
11:00 to 14:00
witches & droogs
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
DELIA DERBYSHIRE know your car bbc radiophonic workshop 21 silva screen 1979/2016
GAS STATION TV . . . new year's day; includes elements of luigi russolo's "serenata per intonarumori e strumenti", edison denisov's "bird's singing", scritti politti's "hypnotize", alfred schnittke's "collected songs where every verse is filled with grief", and hank scorpio's 1/1/18 radio program
HENRY COWELL advertisement the piano music of henry cowell circle records` 1951
RICHARD BURMER the serum mosaic fortuna records 1984
ANGELO BADALAMENTI the bookhouse boys soundtrack from twin peaks warner bros. 1989
SUN RA & HIS ARKESTRA lanquidity lanquidity philly jazz inc. 1978

break: PAULINE OLIVEROS "a love song"
HOLGER CZUKAY two bass shuffle on the way to the peak of normal welt-rekord 1981
HORRIFIC CHILD (JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA) frayeur l'etrange mr. whinster finders keepers 1976/2009
HIROSHI SATO donkama orient kitty records 1979/2014
HANIWA-CHAN sumidagawa daisanji (sumidagawa human disaster) kanashibari cbs/sony 1984
MASAHIDE SAKUMA a riot of the concourse kuroidoresunoon'na ("a woman with the black dress") moon records 1987
JIMMY MURAKAWA down? down, down! original de-motion picture b&m 1982
TANOSHII ONGAKU spoke spell / sweet swing hyokkori ("by chance") super fuji discs 2017
PICKY PICNIC aischu no melody (the setting sun in africa) picnic land panic 1982
SAM KIDEL disruptive muzak disruptive muzak the death of rave 2016
FOOD PYRAMID e harmony iii moon glyph 2011
HI SHERIFFS OF BLUE ain't but sweet 16 ain't but sweet 16 (7") roller skate records 1980
HIROSHIMA CHAIR forefinger kinda beckon reset (split lp w/ culturcide) dogfood production system 1981

break: HYBRYDS "la voix qui prononce mon propre nom"
TREVOR WISHART anna's magic garden integration icr 1983/2013
DELIA DERBYSHIRE & BARRY BERMANGE there is a god! amor dei (second invention for radio) unreleased 1964
BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL driving golden dopamine astro catastrophies celebrate psi phenomenon (higher plain series, vol. 4) 2007, overlaps with derbyshire & bermange
SCRITTI POLITTI absolute cupid & psyche '85 virgin 1985
NKONO TELES fiesta dancin' fiesta dancin' teno records 1980s
GWEN GUTHRIE padlock padlock (special mix by larry levan) garage records, island trading co 1983
REI HARAKAMI red curb red curb sublime records 2001
YOSHINORI HAYASHI madam moo the end of the edge ep going good 2015
SHINICHI ATOBE the red line ship-scope chain reaction 2001

break: LINDA COHEN "old castle"
DOLLY PARTON, LINDA RONSTADT & EMMYLOU HARRIS i've had enough trio warner bros. 1987
HIROSHI YOSHIMURA humming water wet land eastworld 1993, simultaneous w/ dolly parton