don't back the front

with dana k

the shifterscontrast of form7"2017
sacred pawsnothingstrike a match2017
raysdead mans curves/t2017
thigh masterb.b.c7"2017
parsnipseeing red7"2017
uv-tvhear/take it allglass2017
slowdiveno longer making times/t2017
wireshort elevated periodsilver/lead2017
marbled eyeformerEP2017
telepathiccalculatorself checkout2017
priestssucknothing feels natural2017
psychic teenshexhex2017
xetasthe redeemerthe redeemer2017
sarcasminstant automatonmalarial bog EP2017
taiwan housing projectmultidimensional spectrumveblen death mask2017
b boysflatlandsdada2017
dudsirregular patternsof a nature or degree2017*
the world loserfirst world record2017
patsycount it on downLA women MLP2017
palbertapharmacychips for dinner2017*
blank spellscythemiasma2017
mutual jerkhe's harmless7"2017
proto idiotwhat is my purpose?leisure opportunity2017*
milk musictwists and turns and headtripsmystic 100's2017
the cowboysthe look on your facevolume 42017
mick troublemiss margaretit's the mick trouble EP2017
mope groovesold time feelingjoy2017
terrygive up the crownremember terry2017
spinning cointinpermo2017
odd hopetemptations/t2017
the suburban homesunemployed7"2017