Post Post Scum

with Mama Rotten

Thursday, December 28, 2017
20:00 to 23:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Izzy True Lady of the Lakers c r a p t r a c k s Ithaca Underground
Deerhoof The Moose's Daughter Holdypaws Kill Rock Stars 2000
Empath Soft Beams of Light Crystal Reality Vol. II Philly band
DS Tunnel Ithaca Underground Vol. 2 Ithaca Underground
Wet Nurse Belly Hurts So It Goes
Worriers Gaslighter Survival Pop SideOneDummy *
Wild Rice Stone Fence Sourlands New Brunswick band!
Mannequin P*ssy Pledge Romantic Tiny Engines Philly band!
Mitski Carry Me Out Bury Me at Makeout Creek Double Double Whammy
Minerva Strain Minerva's Secret Cervix SkitchHead Split Squealer 1998
HellHound Demons in My Head S/T Philly band!
Melt-Banana Moon Flavor Teeny Shiny A-Zap 2001
Waxahatchee No Question Out in the Storm Merge *
The Breeders Night of Joy Mountain Battles 4AD 2008
Goddaughter Some Truths Ithaca Underground Vol. 2 Ithaca Underground
Bully Hate and Control Losing
Moor Mother Cabrini Green x Natasha Mkenna Fetish Bones Don Giovanni Philly band!
Mary Bell Vultures 7" EP Paris
Fire Party Make It Quick New Orleans Opera Dischord
Slutever Spit S/T 7" Jade Tape
The Flaming Lips Jesus Shootin' Heroin Hear It Is Pink Dust 1986
Glazer Made of Meat On A Prairie, Live In The Dirt New Brunswick band!
Chronic Anxiety Royal DNA - The Reverend Ever Endeavor Faxed Philly band!
Red Aunts Goin' Downtown Saltbox Epitaph 1996
NOTS Entertain Me Cosmetic
Downtown Boys Lips That Bite Cost Of Living Sub Pop *
Red Monkey Kissing with Tongues Difficult is Easy Troubleman Unlimited/ Slampt 1999
Bikini Kill Resist Psychic Death Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Kill Rock Stars 1993
Add N to (X) Metal Fingers in My Body Metal Fingers in My Body
Huggy Bear Into the Mission Our Troubled Youth Kill Rock Stars 1993
Half Japanese You're Gonna Miss Me (Roky Erikson) Our Solar System Drag City 1984
Lali Puna Left Handed Dub I Thought I Was Over That: Rare, Remixed and B-Sides
Kristin Hersh Stained Strange Angels Rykodisc 1998
Yin Eyes Hits Like a Girl Ithaca Underground Vol. 2 Ithaca Underground
Adickdid She's Dangerous Dismantel 1993
Tribe 8 All I Can Do Fist City Alternative Tentacles 1995
Mannequin P*ssy Ten Romantic Tiny Engines Philly band!
Calamity Jane Say It Say It/ Little Girl 7" IMP 1992 (released 1990?)
Kostars Hey Cowboy Hey Cowboy 7" Grand Royal 1996
Lali Puna Clear Cut (Lali Puna- Bomb the Bass) I Thought I Was Over That: Rare, Remixed and B-Sides Morr 2005
Throwing Muses Hook in Her Head The Real Romona Sire 1991
Cutting Room Floor Pillow Woman on a Hook You Shouldn't Be Here