Two States

with Maria T

[local] music from both sides of the delaware

Tuesday, June 21, 2005
16:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
burning brides heart full of black leave no ashes V2
capitol years jewelry store jewelry store full frame
espers byss & abyss golden apples of the sun batset label run by arthur mag folks C
alva march to underneath slattery for ungdom menlo park
ween waynes pet youngin good ween satan twin tone R
brother jt shine like me hang in there baby drag city
rye coalition babys got a new flame the lipstick game gern blandsten
relay context pre self released
windsor for the derby track #1 ernest pounds emperor jones now they're a philly band!
flowchart rainbow hello little darla has a treat for you vol20 darla C
illion broken things pinafore collision/collider
the wrens lets pretend a small circle of friends grass GERMS tribute C
Atom & His Package i am downright amazed at what i can destroy with just a hamburger Hamburgers EP File 13 R
heroics faint defiant hoags hot dog city C
chromolodeon eloquence is dead in the year 20XX self released
daddy licks she said no / south street boogaloo / we'll show 'em 1979 - 1982 positively 19th st
dead milkmen instant club hit death rides a pale cow ryko R
the toms i wanna (be a teen again) yellow pills numero C
a sides intro / park avenue live on WPRB - 4/27/04 WPRB R
clem snide your favorite music moment in the sun spin art (master key mix)
gringo motel familia especial return of el lobo self released *
s prcss your motivation is: less like this tastes like daughter my pal god
bigger lovers ivy grows honey in the hive yep roc
the van pelt nanzen kills a cat sultans of sentiment gern blandsten
Yo la tengo tears are in your eyes Prisoners of Love (Outtakes CD) Matador * C
Photon Band beachwood park little darla has a treat for you vol 17 Darla C
the wishniaks double takin' s/t bloodmoney R
the bad news bats mother-brain get outta philly tick tick tick * C
man man monster s/t Ace Fu
make a rising look at my hawk rip through the black hawk night high two *
Need New Body so st rx Where's Black Ben? 5RC *
mikey wild + the magic lanterns i was on dope i was punk b4 u were punk bulb
caterpillar opus a 1000 million micronauts compulsiv
spent umbrella wars umbrella wars ep merge
the trouble with sweeney the breakup i know you destroy burnt toast vinyl