Detox Retox

with deirdre dionysiac

boxing day

Tuesday, December 26, 2017
11:00 to 14:00
indeterminacy (unpreparation)
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
CHET BAKER i get along without you very well chet baker sings pacific jazz + horses galloping (jazz musicians jazzing)
HANATARASHI cock e.s.p. hanatarash i alchemy
FREDDIE HUBBARD / ILHAN MIMAROGLU threnody for sharon tate (prelude & comment) sing me a song of songmy (a fantasy for electromagnetic tape) atlantic
MORT GARSON leave the driving to us the wozard of iz: an electronic odyssey a&m records
THE ROBERT BENSICK BAND payphone meter lover / french pictures in london french pictures in london smog veil records
HENRY BADOWSKI swimming with the fish in the sea life is a grand a&m records

SENSATIONS' FIX telepathic children fragments of light polydor
ARISTEO la maquina sagrada ("the sacred machine") / baptism mexican cassette culture recordings 1977-1982 vinyl-on-demand + le mystere des voix bulgares "stani mi, maytcho (get up, my daughter)"
OSAMU SATO blue tube objectless (classic ambient works and more) vinyl-on-demand
CECIL CANTERBURN catching game electronic toys (a retrospective of 70's synthesizer music) q.d.k. media
THE BLOPS santiago oscurence el pelo en el agua ("santiago obscures the hair in the water"?) blops guerssen
CYMBELINE third image 1965 - 1971 guerssen
BUNALIM bunalim bunalim pharaway sounds
GABOR SZABO hungarian rhapsody #2 macho salvation
LOU HARRISON song of quetzalcoatl song of quetzalcoatl, music for percussion instruments orion

JOHANNA BEYER "music of the spheres"
THE FIBONACCIS romp of the meiji sycophants / leroy civilization and its discotheques blue yonder sounds
HUNTING LODGE rip you to shreds will s/m operations
HARTMANN message #4 music while you work (cassette w. bourbonese qualk) adn tapes
SUN CITY GIRLS candi sukuh 330,003 crossdressers from beyond the rig veda abduction
THE ROBERT BENSICK BAND doll french pictures in london smog veil records
FROM NURSERY TO MISERY . (a3) demo tape unreleased (private archive)
DIANA ROGERSON cradle your snatch the inevitable chrystal belle scrodd record united dairies
GENESIS P-ORRIDGE + THEE MAJESTY + BRYIN DALL mary never wanted jesus (magdalene marriage) mary never wanted jesus villa magica records
HANATARASH bacon combat (cock combat) hanatarash i alchemy + gato barbieri on speed-dial & daniel lentz "slow motion mirror"
DAVE VORHAUS the diy machine (a) electronic toys (a retrospective of 70's synthesizer music) q.d.k. media
SACBE (the toussaint brothers)` aztlan aztlan trend
HELEN & THE HORNS my black rose helen & the horns rockin' ray records
POWDERBURNS shut up powderburns slumberland records
HUNTERS & COLLECTORS tender kinder baby hunters & collectors white label records
THE HUMAN SWITCHBOARD distemper the human switchboard under the rug records

HENRY BADOWSKI silver trees life is a grand a&m records