Post Post Scum

with Mama Rotten

Friday, December 22, 2017
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Huggy Bear No Sleep Taking The Rough With The Smooch 1993
Shelly Thunder Working Girl Working Girl Mango 1990
Tiny Desk Unit Couscous Naples 91/2 x 16" Records 1982
Dahlia Seed Statement of Purpose Dahlia Seed/ Garden Variety 7" Split 1995
Autoclave Dr. Suess S/T Dischord Originally Released ~91-92 but this press, 1995
KIT 2/3 Deerhoof/ KIT 7" Split Narnack 2004
ZuZu's Petals Jackals Jackals/ Categories/ Johanne 7" Community 3 Internationel 1991
Miss Ludella Black & The Masonics The Skull of a Man S/T Smartguy 2003
Miccachu Golden Phone 7" Single Rough Trade 2009
Blood Sausage Footdown Happy Little Bullsh*t Boy
360's Illuminated Illuminated Link 1991
Deerhoof The Forbidden Fruits Deerhoof/ KIT 7" Split Narnack 2004
Special Agents of Her Majesty's Secret Cervix Veil SkitchHead Split Squealer 1998
Zonic Shockum Luggy 7" Beef Eaters 1994
Devendra Banhart Support Our Troops Oh (Xiu Xiu Cover) Xiu Xiu/ Devendra Banhart Split 5RC 2005
Mall Biggie's Star Theater Mall/ Flowchart Split 1997
Difference Engine Flex Lavender Difference Engine/ The Nonpareils OTC 2003
Head Trama Figure Three 7" Theologian
Huggy Bear Can't Kiss Taking The Rough With The Smooch 1993
I'm Being Good Waste of Bullets I'm Being Good/ Truman's Water Split Infinite Chug 1999
Free Kitten Kitten Bossanova S/T Kill Rock Stars 1996
Babes in Toyland Dogg Spanking Machine Twin Tone 1990
Ashtray Navigations Plastic Sea Plaster Projection Instruction Record Menlo Park 2000
AX Metal Forest _Nova Feedback_ Freek 1999
Lydia Lunch Blood of Tin Queen of Siam Ze 1980
Lush Bitter Sear
Fugazi The Cure 7 Songs Dischord 1988
Fire Party Engine S/T EP Dischord 1988
Daisy Chainsaw Room Eleven Pink Flower Deva 1992