the sonic bloom

with esoterica

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
11:00 to 14:00
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lalo schifrindirty harry main titledirty harry soundtrackaleph1972C
cro-magsworld peacethe age of quarrelprofile records1986
krautunemployedan adjustment to societycabbage1983
adrenalin o.d.a.o.d. vs. godzillathe wacky hi-jinks of adrenalin our records1984
the beastie boysjimisome old bullsh*tgrand royal1994
crumbsuckersintolive at cbgbs 1984-85
agnostic frontgotta gosomething's gotta giveepitaph1998C
adam sterrmemory echospace radios/r2017*
alexei aiguii am not your negroi am not your negromusic box2017C
alexei aigui (featuring james baldwin)i cannot be a pessimisti am not your negro soundtrackmusic box2017C
aimee mannwise uplive at st. ann's warehousesuperego2004
aimee mannsave memagnolia soundtrackreprise1999C
sun araw, m. geddes gengras and the congosjungleicon give thankrvng intl.oe 2012/2017
u-menselfish discography (self-titled)sub-pop2017*
sun araw, m. geddes gengras and the congosnew binghiicon give thankrvng intl.2017
u-menbad little womandiscography (self-titled)sub pop2017*
modern huttimegeneric treasuredon giovannioe 2013/2014
blockheaddo the tronuncle tony's coloring bookyoung heavy soulsoe 2007/2017*
big brother and the holding companysummertimecheap thrillscolumbia1968
bobby darindream loversingleatco1958
televisionmarquee moonmarquee moonelektra1977R
television personalitieshow i learned to love the bombhow i learned to love the bomb 12"twist and shout1985
the kinks20th century manmuswell hillbilliesrca1974
moondogtheme and variationsthe viking of sixth avenuehonest jons2006R
modalitywallsparticle cityhouse of watts2013
nightmares on wax (n.o.w.)you wishn.o.w. is the timewarp2014
the falll.a.this nation's saving gracepvc1985
modalityplaza/outskirtsparticle cityhouse of watts2013
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moby grapechanges circles spinningtruly fine citizencolumbia1969
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mission of burmathis is not a photograph(from signals calls and marches e.p.) catalog sampler cdryko1997C
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